Hi folks,

A quick question about resume length (yes, another one!) - this time in the public sector.

I recently listened to the MT resume podcast (and the interview/accomplishments ones too), and promptly spent most of the next weekend cutting my resume down to one page.

The next day at work I put some feelers out to hiring managers about resume length (I've worked hard to build a network of people in my organization that I feel comfortable asking this kind of question to). Their responses were, without exception:

"That's fine in the private sector, but use two pages for government"
"Either way works"

I work in communications, and I came to the conclusion that in my position it would be a plus to demonstrate you can get your message across quickly and effectively. I'm leaving my resume on one page - the Manager Tools way.

Still, I wonder -- has anyone else had a similar experience in the public sector? What has worked better for you?

Thanks in advance for sharing.


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My dad is a city manager with a 26-year military career in his background. He is 63. His resume is one page and he has gotten each of the public-sector jobs he has wanted with it.

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I recently asked this question of my new manager (I work in public sector IT) and he said that he absolutely prefers a 1 page resume but would rather have a 2 pager if the 1 page compromised some valuable information that may lead to the candidate getting the position.

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