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Hi Everyone,

I am not sure how this is even possible, but it has just occurred to me that I have been completely ignoring the fact that there are Manager Tools Forums that I could be a part of in my journey to becoming a better manager.

My name is Yan Kravchenko and I have been a faithful listener to Manager Tools Podcast for just over 8 months. It's almost embarrassing, but I am just now discovering this bulletin board.

I live in a suburb of Minneapolis, MN and I have been a manager for approximately 8 months. Prior to embarking on the career as a Director of IT for a large agriculture company, I have been a security consultant for approximately 6.5 years. Compiled with total of 12 years of consulting in the IT industry, I felt that I was well prepared for this new position... how wrong I was...

I was born in Kiev, Ukraine, and immigrated with my family in 1992. In my consulting days, I specialized in Information Security, Disaster Recovery Planning, and IT Department Efficiency. I know we are all here to become better managers, but if I can be of any assistance in the technical areas of my knowledge base, don't hesitate to ask.

I can honestly say that listening to Manager Tools Podcast has made me realize that I have never worked for a great boss in my life, and also completely changed my perspective on the kind of a manager that I wanted to become.

If you need to get a hold of me, you may reach me at: [email protected]

-- Yan Kravchenko

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Welcome! It's good to have you -- I've found the forums to be as valuable as the podcasts themselves. I've also found a few folks I would like to know better!

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Hello Yan. Welcome to the forum!

Don't be surprised that you just found the forum. Although I have found the podcast, blog and forum to be awesome compliments, some only get one or two of them. Surprisingly, there have even been some that don't listen to the podcast. Now, that's the surprise for me.

Again, welcome.

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Welcome Yan!
I think you'll get a ton of value out of the forums.
On a personal note, I really enjoyed sitting next to you on Day 1 of the conference and practicing the feedback model with you.
Take care,

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A privilege to have you attend the conference, and glad you're with us now in the forums.

Well met!


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I start this week in a management position with an Aerospace & Defense company in the Minneapolis area as the Enterprise Security Architect. I have 8 years in Information Security working for the Fortune 500, as well as the 2.5 years working as a Sr. Manager for as Fortune 1000 Insurance/Financial services company in Madison, WI. I have worked in IT since the early 90's in various roles.

I believe we as security professionals have a many challenges in achieving our objectives. We are not often viewed as business enablers. The information in the podcasts and forum have been invaluable to me in attaining understanding about being effective in the business and building relationships to achieve my objectives. I have had a tendency to use the "bottom line up front" tactic (I am a former Marine Sergeant) and have found that it is not always effective. I have learned to change my approach based on the audience... what a concept.

I would like to start a regional Manager Tools networking group in the Minneapolis area to meet on a monthly, bimonthly or quarterly schedule. Let me know if you are interested. I also intend on discussing leadership development with my CIO to include a reference to the Manager Tools content and Mike and Mark's expertise. I look forward to hearing from you.

[i]Since it relevant to me at this point in my career I would like to suggest to Mark and Mike a podcast on "Your First Year" broken down by 3, 6, 9 and 12 month tasks to being effective in a new role in a new company. I believe much of the content already exists in the podcasts but has not been presented in a timeline for first year managers in a new organization--not necessarily new managers.[/i]

Thanks, Mark and Mike. Keep up the great work!

Chris Rowland, CISSP

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Great post - Welcome Yan and thanks. You're not so weird, I've been listening for well over a year now, and only got into the forums a few weeks ago. I did a postgrad course at London Business School for six weeks. MT has already given me more value.

Interesting comment about security people not being seen as a value-add. It's similar for many IT roles. I've been CISO for two medium-sized (~1000 people) orgs, and a manager for ExxonMobil (140k+ people). Exxon knew they just had to not make mistakes to make money, so they valued me. In my first CISO role, our clients gave us their client's credit card data, so they valued me. In my current CISO role (an investment bank), they don't value it. Kinda weird. But for me, I know that the CEO and the MD of my org value it, it's just senior/middle management who are out to protect their next bonus that don't. In all three roles, the IT people who are guided by 'what would the client want?' are the ones that rise to the top (eventually). Not saying you don't do this, but it's just worth stepping back and refocusing on that truth when you're feeling this way.

Chris' idea of a new role breakdown is good. I started in my last role a year ago, and I *really* wish I'd read Rudy Guilliani's 'leadership' before I started. Some great rules in there about starting in a new place.

Good luck and thanks!

Adam White (wannabe CISSP)