Hey everyone,

I just delivered my first piece of positive feedback to a team member using the model.

After pacing back and forth for 15 minutes, going to the bathroom to practice, and waiting for her desk to clear of other people, I delivered it. She was thrilled to receive it and it made me feel good...Really good!

Mike and Mark - Thanks for the practice last week. They should flow a whole lot easier from here on out.

Anyone else having a hard time getting over the hump?

Roy Krauthamer

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Congrats. Keep up the good work.

Feedback today was easier than last week. One day at a time.


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Congratulations Roy.
I put five coins in one pocket today (a la Michael's 5 poker chips) and by the end of the day, I'd moved them all to the other pocket.
The first time I asked one of my directs if I could "share something" with him, he got a very scared look and stared at me. I had to ask him again before he said yes.
I gave my last piece of feedback to that same direct at the end of the day and he was grinning from ear to ear.
Still a long way to go before it's like breathing but it's getting easier!

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Roy: way to go! One of the best things I picked up this past week at the conference (one of the countless best things!) was Michael's comment about keeping poker chips in one pocket, and every time you give someone feedback, switch one chip to another pocket.

This weekend I bought a whole set of poker chips. I started out the day with 5 chips in my left pocket, and by the end of the day, I had moved 4 over the the right one. One left to go before the end of the day.

So on the way home, I called one of my off site directs, and gave him some very positive feedback on some good work he had done while I was away at the M-T Conference. That made five.

I was really quite amazed at the difference it made actually having a metric to hold myself to. Being aware of what I was doing really brought it to the fore. I'm figuring that after 30 days of this, it should be just like....breathing.

Now, I've got all these extra chips....I suppose I'll coach my directs on using the same technique!


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Awesome, guys! Love hearing that folks are ... changing their behavior. Go figure! Smile

best regards,

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I'm using the poker chip idea as well.

So far I've learned
- I need to get out of my office more
- I'm probably too critical

I passed up 2 opportunities to give adjusting feedback- I want to wait until I'm asked, as suggested at the conference.

On my way out the door, there are only 2 chips in my right pocket- twice as many as last night. :oops:

I'm posting this so you guys can give me a really hard time tomorrow. :)

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I'm picking up some poker chips (awesome trick Michael!!) in prep for my personal goal of delivering at least 2 pieces of feedback per day. As soon as I transition to my new job I have but one direct, so I figure 2 is a good goal.

It's inspiring to see the positive posts here. Keep it up folks.

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Didn't mean to be anonymous.

I'm the "Guest" above.


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2:30 pm, and my left pocket is empty. :D

Guess I'll put the poker chips back, and start again...

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God Bless Michael's poker chips!

Over the McGuire Hump of the Horstman Curve!

One day at a time. Remember the smiles.

And yes, we are ALL WAAAAAAY too critical. Those panicked faces prove it.


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Indeed, it takes practice; in particular positive feedback (focused on the negative we all are). Last Friday during a OOO:

"Can I give you some feedback?" .... (silence) ... "uhh, yes" and I obviously provided the - in this case positive - feedback.

The response I got was along the lines of:
"Uhh, not sure I understand. What do you want me to do different?"
"Nothing, you're doing great and I wanted to let you know!"
"Ah, oh, well I was expecting something negative after that but it didn't come. Well, thanks Ronald! Appreciate that!"

It's a bit awkward initially but hey, it makes the team feel good for sure. And yes, they are all talking about me behaving weird after this training but I don't care. It makes me feel good as well.

Thanks MT, I learning every day!


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Are we lerning here? :wink:

They can't even HEAR positive feedback, so negative we have been.


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[quote="mahorstman"]Are we lerning here? :wink:

They can't even HEAR positive feedback, so negative we have been.


Before I found the site, and still largely today we managed by Myers-Briggs analysis. Combining both methods have really helped.

What's been most dynamic is my directs under me using the Feedback model on top of the O3's. I added the O3's first for about 60 days then started working on the feedback model. It's been passed down to their directs who now are just starting the feedback model. It's been a great turn around to my organization, who are largely strongly introverted engineers.