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I asked the question "What is your biggest take away?" from the recent Manager Tools conference to 24+ attendees and recorded their answers.

I have summed up this collective wisdom into a podcast and posted it to:



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And it's GREAT fun to listen to. I will be recommending folks who are thinking about attending September (dates in just a few days!) listen to it.

Silly me, but my favorite part was your edited listing of all the folks who spoke on air, back to back to back. NEAT!

Steve- [b]first podcast I've ever listened to end to end[/b]. Well done, and thank you.


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Really great job. It takes me right back to the excitement I felt that day. I think I'm going to bookmark that and listen to it whenever I need to get re-energized. Thanks for doing this!

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Great cast!


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I think what I took away is that I need a new job with a budget to attend the next conference :)


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Great, listened to it twice already and sent it to my MD.

It was a great booster and remineder of a fantastic two days.

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I was trying to work out how I can not eat for 3 months in order to save £3k... I think your plan is better!

Steve, I really enjoyed this, and the other podcast you did. Thanks


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Wendii... I hope your wish comes true!


Can I give you some praiseback? (my new word, thankyouverymuch) That was absolutely brilliant - very creative and insightful. Now, what are you going to do better next time? :wink: