I just listened to this two parter and a couple of things jumped out at me. Mike made the point that your team/organization might see you as being absent or brown nosing while conducting your interviews and compiling the analysis.

Would you tell the team that you are going through this process or would it make them suspicious of your intentions (or something else that might be negative?)

Also, if this is something so rare among managers, do you also not risk being viewed as a show off or not doing things the company way when you undertake the process?


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sometimes I wonder if the unintended consequence of all those silly warning labels on products (hair dryer: "do not use in the bathtub") have caused us all to fear EVERYTHING.

Of course you can tell your team what you are doing. Heck YES tell your team. This is you doing your job.

Never take counsel of others' interpretations of your intentions.

Yes, you risk being seen as a show off by people who should be busy worrying about doing their own jobs well. Who cares WHAT we risk in the minds of others because we're doing our jobs better?

I bet the Yankees don't worry about how the losers feel about them winning all the time.



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Aw Man...

This is disappointing. I was hoping to get a straight definitive answer :wink:

Just to clarify, I was more concerned about how the higher ups alluded to in the cast (like 3 levels up) see my actions so they don't throw the electrical appliances in my career bathtub.

I do have to try to learn some political astuteness as I try to go up the ladder. These things are really obvious to some people. Not so much to me (yet).


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They will LOVE you. For ONCE, they'll say, someone doing things the RIGHT WAY!