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You can get an RSS feed of the Manager Tools Discussion Forums by using the following URL:

Plug it into your RSS reader of choice, and you're set.

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For those interested in RSS feeds of only a SPECIFIC Forum topic, here's how (from a previous post):


Sorry it took me a while to get to this one ...

If you want to subscribe to just a single forum, add the phrase "?f=X", where X is the forum number to which you wish to subscribe, to the standard RSS feed URL (

For example, for an RSS feed of only the "General Questions and Comments" forum, the URL would be:

So, how do you know the forum id? If you hover your mouse over the forum titles on the main forum page, you'll note that the URL displayed (typically) at the bottom of your browser, ends in "?f=X", where X is the forum id. That's the number you'll want to use in the URL above to get that specific forum's posts.

Here's a couple examples that hopefully demonstrate how it works ...

Effective Manager Tools Conference Forum:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Forum:

General Questions and Comments:

Hope that helps!

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I have been on many message boards and never seen this done, how did you do the rss feed. Is it with all boards or did you add something to it.

Come to think about it, some of the message boards are a version behind.

Still impressed by you guys

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In many boards the RSS feed functionality is built-in. It's simply a matter of finding it, and in some cases, enabling it.

Unfortunately, the functionality here is far from perfect (duplicate posts winding up in the feed, etc.) We'll try to address some of those issues on the website rewrite.