I submitted for an internal position a month or so ago and have since revamped my resume completely after listening to M-T resume podcasts. (as usual: excellent, concrete advice - thanks Mark & Mike!)

My question is: Should I bring my revamped resume and ask to swap it out during the interview or just ride this one through?

I'm strongly inclined to do the latter (just ride it out) because I think I would look silly asking to do swap it out. (I tried 'practicing' doing that and I felt like an idiot every time).

I think the re-working of my resume helped me tremendously in preparing for this interview regardless of whether I actually use it.

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Your intuition is correct.

Ride it out.

Good question.


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I have to agree with Mark. Internal or External, if someone pushes me an updated resume, all that goes through my mind is that you didn't prepare adequately when you first applied, you talked to my employees and tried to tailor your resume to meet the job, etc.

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If your existing resume got you the interview, they already like what they see. Why do something to confuse the process?


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I couldn't agree more. Seeing another resume come in or update, tells me that either the individual is not prepared or doesn't take the time to proof read and make sure things are exact. Again, having the ability to discuss with the other employees only makes you look too eager and lacks a sense of "not doing your homework" before hand.

Knowing a little about the job before and interview says a whole lot more than after the fact.

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I hope if someone handed me an updated resume (which Colleen said she ONLY generated after listening to the M&M resume podcast), I would not assume all sorts of negative things about the person beyond some naivety about the the hiring process. So unless I am hiring them to hire people and they really should know better, I don't think I would weight this too heavily. I just wouldn't look at the new resume.

What I might weight a little more heavily and explore in the interview is their not realizing that it is generally not a good idea to spring new data on someone in a meeting and ask them to spend time reading and interpreting it, which takes away from the planned discussion areas.

Depending on what the person is being interviewed for, the presentation of the new resume can be an opportunity to learn more about them. Same error, different exploration point in the interview.


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Good luck with the opportunity.

Sometimes managers will ask for a revised resume or detailed vitae during initial inters. Depending on their goals and how they need to present you to their manager(s) or customer(s) or team, they may request a detailed management oriented write-up or a detailed technical write-up or a detailed specialty write-up. This sort of thing helps them sell your services to their clients. (But you probably already knew that already) :D

Perhaps this is something to keep in mind during the process.