I need some big time help figuring out how to fix my resume...

I am quickly approaching my 3rd year out of grad school. My first job was a supervisor position that gave me great managerial experience but little in the way of measurable accomplishments (I was busy learning how to keep track of 50+ production workers). The next job (in the same company) was supposed to be a promotion but it ended up being a dead end position and I left after 6 months. My current job is great, I have some solid accomplishments and I am hoping/preparing for a promotion in the upcoming months. I have always been active in school and in my company and I have received great reviews but my current resume is seriously lacking.

I have switched to the MT suggested format which is great and has let me see how much B.S. was in my original resume (the format so kindly suggested to me by my graduate career office). The problem is now I only have half page of content (New Times Roman, 10 pt font). How far back in time can I go (I am already listing my graduate assistantship; should I go back to undergrad?) How can I better describe my dead end job experience? And what about the first job where I basically spent 14 months growing up while getting my ego ripped out and some sense knocked into me?

Thanks for the help!!

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The one place it is hardest to help someone with their resume is with accomplishments.

And, you've got to tell us more than this. When did you graduate undergrad, with what degree? When grad school, with what degree? What are the jobs and how long have you had each?


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Thanks for the quick response. You are right about accomplishments; they are hard. And I am guessing if I can't figure them out you will have an even tougher time!

However, it is in my best interest to keep this thread going. I graduated in 2002 with a degree in Engineering. I then went straight to get my MBA (Finance, Marketing) from a top 20 school, graduating in 2004. I was in my first job for about 14 months (production supervisor managing 50+ people). My next job was running a warehouse, managing logistics and supervising a staff of 4. This was supposed to be an operations leadership development program but a personality/culture clash found me very disenchanted with manufacturing and I only lasted 6 months. Now, I am doing e-marketing in financial services (13 months). My strengths in this role are my analytical and project management skills.

Obviously I will have to figure out my specific accomplishments on my own (now I see why you suggest updating your resume every quarter). I am just hoping somebody can suggest a place to look for some hidden gems to give my resume a kick in the pants. It seemed like I came out of school with more accomplishments and activities then I knew what to do with, but they seem so irrelevant now 3 and 5 years later. Or maybe I have to simply accept that I haven't figured out how to transfer my successes in college to the professional world.

Any suggestions?


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Top 20 as in...? UG from...?

Strengthen the responsibilities for the warehouse job. and think about what throughput, error rate, turnover rate, new systems started/completed you worked with, volumes increased, safety record, dollar inventory amounts, cost reductions, etc. Six months isn't that long, you needn't blow us away.

and include all your work from UG and Grad school, and volunteer work too.

(This is why I never recommend MBA right after UG. :( Shoot!)


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Thanks for the advice, Mark. This has been helpful. I will keep plugging away at the resume. And you are right about the MBA right out of undergrad - I know several people in various stages of their careers who went straight through and we all seem to agree a few years of experience would have been better. Where was Manager Tools five years ago? Keep up the great work!