I have a question and a weird situation, I left my company to join another company last March, I was offered a management position and then I will be offered another management position (more important).

The issue is that in the end I wasn't offered that position because they decided to rely on in an internal candidate with better knoweledge of the internal processes. That's wasn't the deal we had, but anyway and moving forward, they are instered in keeping me in the company because they want to use my experience. So they will create another department that I will manage and they will offer me the head of that department.

I'm not sure which will be my main role leading that group, of course I'll review carefully the job description once they finalised it. But I would like to ask you for advise about what I should pay attention to.

My first thoughts are

- Position of this group within the company
- Reporting line?
- How many people will be in that group?
- In terms of career path what might be the personal development of this team (and for me)?

What else do you think I should take care of? This is important for me since based on this my career will be positive or ....

Thank you and regards from sunny Madrid :)

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Also it would be good for me to know which are the best order of meeting to have with my new manager.

I thought that a good starting point would be

Meeting #1 to know what he expects from me. Understand better my job description

Meeting #2 understand his management boss style. I don't know yet my manager. I thought it would be a good idea to have a meeting to know him better as a manager. Try to have answer for the 5 topics of the managing your boss podcast.

Do you think this is a good start?

Thank MTers!

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You should be asking about the role of this new department in the organization: why does this group exist? I would be very concerned if its reason for being was simply to give you something to manage. It should exist to further an operational or strategic goal. Its existence should make sense regardless of who's managing it. If you cannot align your department's metrics with metrics critical to the company, you might find yourself in the wrong position after the next re-org.


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If this were me, I'd want to be sure they know exactly what they want this department to do and accomplish. I've gotten burned in the past on these "startup" kind of roles. Secondly, I would want to be clear on how my job performance would be evaluated.

Again, best of luck to you!

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Hi chapu,

Ask about accomplishments.

Consider if these accomplishments are in line with your goals [u]and[/u] your strengths.

Just some thoughts.

Good luck,

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hey, all of you are really helping me with your comments., Thank yoU!!!

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ok, so this is the list with the question I have ...

Organizational structure
Which is the position of this group within the organization?
 Role of this new department in the organization. Goals

 Reporting line?

Team structure
How many people will be in that group?

Team development
In terms of career path what might be the personal development of this team (both team members and me)

 Which will be my goals?
 I would like to know how my job performance would be evaluated. What types of KPI’s will be applied to my position

 Will I own a budget? If yes, what are my revenues, cost and profitability requirements?


 From your point what are three more important things you would like me to implement and succeed in the first 6 months
 What are the things you are more hopeful that I do as manager of this department
 What are the things you are more concerned that I might do as manager of this department?
 What advice do you have for me?

SO what do you think about those questions? and now I have another question, should I send this list in a mail before I'm offered the position so they have time to think the answers and work on them (and who knows to include something in the job description/team structure that they forgot) or I should send the mail with these questions one I received the email with the offer?

Maybe if I send this before I receive the email I might be pereceived as too aggresive and demanding (?) I don 't know, your feedback is welcome :) . [b]Do I send my questions before I receive the offer or after I receive it?[/b]


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[b]Questions AFTER.[/b]


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[b]Before you accept.[/b]


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Thank you Mark. I'll follow you advice. Have a nice day