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BLUF - Please make a small business alternative tip when presenting Big Business tips.

I've been listening to MT for over a year now and I absolutely love it. I vote for you every month at PA. I continually implement suggestions I hear on your podcasts.

I own and manage my own small business (7 employees.) I sometimes feel that a tip or suggestion is aimed specifically at "Corporate America." Most of what you say and suggest applies to small business, and I'll keep on listening and implementing. But when a "big business" tip pops up it would be nice to have an alternative suggestion for the small business.

Thank you again for the invaluable information you provide to me every week.

Will Duke

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I too run a small business. I find that nearly every technique mentioned here can directly apply to my own team.

Thanks to Manager-tools for such a great resource!!

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Hey Will.

Which things you think apply only to big businesses?

I work for a 50-person company, which is not huge but not small either. I think the biggest topic that I've seen in MT that did not apply to me was skip levels. My directs don't have directs.

Technically they are not even "direct reports". My company is a little on the flatter side, with "partners" and "everyone else". Since I write their performance reviews, I consider them directs for the purposes of feedback, coaching, and one-on-ones.