I recently went through 4 interviews, (3rd Party recruiter, VP Marketing, PowerPoint Presentation to the VP Marketing and CEO, VP Production and COO). Before I met with the VP Production and COO, the recruiter told me they wanted to make me an offer and this last meeting was just a formality (I have this on voicemail and email).

Now he tells me they said I was not a fit and I feel like I have been kicked in the stomach. :? Something does not seem right here. I feel like I need to do something but have no clue. I know I did not do anything in the last interview to shoot myself in the foot.

Any insights?


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Not much you can do.

I would simply write follow-up letters to all involved thanking them for their time and consideration. Explain that you wish them well with whomever they've chosen, but should it not be a good fit - you'd love a shot at it.

It sucks, but I think you have to put on a grin and move forward.

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Sorry to hear that. Alas, Horstman's First Law of Interviewing is Until You Got Something, You Got Nothing. the recruiter did you a terrible disservice by saying ANYTHING was a formality before you got an offer.

Sadly, I cannot say whether he meant it or not. It is QUITE possible that he had another dog in the fight, and he told you this KNOWING that you were in second, and to have you NOT work too hard in advance and then REALLY get upset. Unethical...and not out of the norm.

Write thank you notes to all with whom you interviewed, and touch base in a month. You never know.


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Been there, done that this past January! It was a very similar situation (I even had more interviews1) and they even flew me to Florida. Still got nothing out of it. It was even one of my dream companies. To make it worse, no one responded to my calls & e-mails requesting feedback so I could improve myself for future interviews with other companies.

Give yourself 24 hours, a week if you must, to be ticked off. Then get over it and move on. There is no sense in beating yourself up over it or carrying a grudge against the company or the people you interviewed with.

What the recruiter said has no bearing on anything. The decision lies with the company and they don't need to justify their decision if they don't want to.

Keep your chin up! There is something out there for you!


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Thanks everyone for your support. This story gets better (sigh).

I went back to my office this afternoon (the owner has been selling the company for months - or trying to) and the landlord was changing the locks.

I guess when it rains, it pours. Anyone in Toronto area looking for an enthusiastic marketing manager?


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Don't hesitate to start a thread about a search, and ask others here to think about their firms' Toronto offices.

Let me know how I can help.


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Thanks Mark

I will have to think how to best leverage everything. I am pretty shellshocked right now.


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Dear *RNTT,

I'm so sorry to hear what's happened to you. Unfortunately, I'm not in the business world so I can't offer more than a hearfelt 'hang in there.' I know you have lots of friends and connections here at MT, so you should do your best to remain hopeful.

All good things.

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There are lots of ways for a company to arrive at the "not a fit" decision. Remember that not all of them are within your control. I have seen good candidates not be hired because of internal company politics. And seen others because the company lacked internal systems to support a new role.

Its not always you. Take it with a grain of salt and keep going.


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Thanks again everyone

This was quite the lesson learned. I will bounce back :)