My username on this board is fairly identifiable. I'm somewhat concerned about posting scenario's here that one of my directs may stumble across and figure out what I'm talking about and who the parties involved are.

Does anyone else share that concern?

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I have had some concerns. Those have been largely alleviated by the actions of those around me and my interactions with my team. If someone read here what I had to say, someone might recognize themselves, but likely would not recognize others, and only ONE of those people would know for sure they are who I am talking about (which is fine - we've discussed posts I have made here about/including him as I encourage him to take advantage of the information here to be had).

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Don't worry about people recognizing you on the board.

See you at work tomorrow.


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If your work can be seen by anyone and you can be identified then it forces discipline to think about what you say. All in all a good thing.

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Not just directs, but peers and boss, too (my boss told me about M-T and I've told peers about how great this is). But knowing that those who work with me might read this is a good discipline. I write each email or IM assuming that EVERYONE will read it. It focuses me on facts and behaviors and away from speculation or invective.

If you have a very tricky situation and you wish the advice of the greater community, you could create a new login that hides your identity just for this purpose, ask someone to post on your behalf, or try to make it super generic.

Long answer short: those of us who don't try to hide our identity do think about it.

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I'd actually love it if my directs, particularly the ones that are project leads and want to be managers, found my posts. I've recommended the podcasts to several of my project leads, and to my new boss. I hope they are checking out the podcasts and will the forums.

If I wanted to hide, I'd be using my secret identity.

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That's a good question.

I would have no problem with that ... It would prove they are trying to improve their english, their managerial capacities, etc ...

I always try to be as predictible and transparent as possible, and what I say here is what I would say at work.

The exception being I want to be sure some problems or subjects are kept confidential, in order to respect the persons I am talking about. I then use PM.

Another way would be me creating a second secret identity, so everyone would benefit from Mark's anwsers, but I am not sure it is allowed ? Mark ?


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I have a secret identity

Surely no one reading my posts thinks my name is really *RNTT :)


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It's safe to assume that anything you say in a public forum can be found by someone looking for it. If there is anyone anywhere that you do not want to know that you said something, I would be very cautious about putting it on the internet.

Think you can post something and delete it? Think again, the WayBack Machine has seen it and stored it.