I recently met with an external recruiter that my company is going to be using to help us fill some of our open positions. Clearly this is an individual that I want to build a relationship with and add to my personal network.

However, in this scenario I am his customer. Typically a vendor would send a thank you note to a new client after the first introductory meeting. So my question is, should I wait a day or two in order to allow him to send me a thank you note first, or should I just go ahead and send him a note to thank him for meeting with me.

Part of me wants to wait, simply to see if he's going to send a thank you note or not :)

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Send it. Forget about roles and think about value. If he's providing value or he will, saying thanks is always a grace note.


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That's an awfully general question. So I'll guess that you want to be a vendor for events at a local venue (e.g. conference center or arena). If so, then contact the venue (the vendor management office maybe) and ask them what they need from you to prove that you're a responsible vendor or if you need to be a lowest bidder.

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Three of my most valuable contacts in my network are vendors. After initially meeting with them for possible purchases, I added them to my network right away. I officially added them to my network during the call I made with the purchase decision (regardless of a purchase or not). Over the years I have stayed in touch with them and we have had a mutually beneficial relationship. They have helped some of my contacts with either job openings or purchace decisions, and I have referred several people to them.

Don't hesitate to add them to your network!


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One my top three best/favorite management positions came about through having a vendor in my network. You never know where your network might lead you...