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Non Sponsored Networking Event

In an effort to provide an opportunity for professionals to meet and build a larger network. I asked Mark if it would be acceptable to post the idea of a network event which is not sponsored by Manager-Tools. I live in Colorado on the Front Range, and would like to ask if any of the Colorado listeners would be interested in getting together to develop some professional relationships.

The first step would be to determine how many are interested, then plan an event with date time location. If the interest is large enough perhaps one of us can address the group on a particular item which interest them. Beyond that I am open to ideas.

Again the purpose is to provide an outlet for professionals to come together and have some discussion about industry, problems and opportunities.

I look forward to your responses and want to thank Mark and Mike for allowing me to post this idea on the forums.

Thank you.
Tim R. Hill
[email protected]

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Hi Tim,
This is interesting to me. I've seen a few other folks from the area on the discussion forums, and thought this might be a good idea.

Count me in!

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I would be very open to meeting.


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Hope it works out great!


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I'd be interested if the timing is right. I've got a very busy outside-of-work schedule and a 15-month-old kid, so getting away can be tricky. Still, it'd be neat to meet up with other MT aficionados.

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I think this would a be great idea. I'm in Longmont and work in Ft. Collins. Just received this as an e-mail.

I too, am busy with my graduate degree outside of work, but will make every attempt to attend and meet everyone.


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The response has been quite good thus far. As a next step I would like to compile a list of your contact information (email, first and last name). Once I have this I together we can email each other about a time date and ideas. I will also setup a Yahoo Group or GMAIL group which we all can subscribe to for talking etc.

Please send me you contact information to [email protected] (if you already sent me an email no need to again).

I would like to hold our first meet - up in late July or early August 2007.

Thank you

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I have setup a Yahoo group called the Colorado Front Range Professionals, please join the group so that we may being discussion about our first meeting. I am interesting in format, location and expanded the size of the group.


Tim Hill

The Colorado Front Range Professionals are a group of individuals who meet monthly to discuss business topics.

Group name: COFrontRangeProf
Group home page:
Group email: [email protected]