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Here is a link to an interesting blog article by Marc Andreessen on hiring the right people.

In summary, he says that drive, curiosity and ethical behavior are the keys to hiring great employees. The article really hit home for me. I've seen and put together lists of the traits to look for in a candidate, but I don't think I've ever seen it boiled down so elegantly.

BTW, for the less techie types like myself, Marc Andressen co-authored a piece of freeware back in the 80s called "Mosiac". It was an Internet application that allowed one to create pages with embedded links to documants and it also linked over to other pages. I had it on my desk in the late 80s as part of our company's intranet. I thought it would be moderately useful, but completely missed that I was looking at the early form of the killer application of all time, the World Wide Web. One of my co-workers invested (foolishly, I thought) every penny of his life savings in America Online and Andreessen's company, Netscape. My co-worker retired a few years later and I'm still working for wages . . . .


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Wow, that was a fabulous article!!

I'm grabbing everything I can get along these lines, because I'm getting ready to fill one and maybe 2 openings. Thanks!


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that was interesting.



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Hi Lou

Thanks so much for sharing. I just sent that link out to my quarterly 'build a network' gang. One of my senior people thought it was a great article and replied with the following:

"Hard to argue with his 3 criteria. I would add a 4th … and that is, a sense of humour; not as important as 1 thru 3, perhaps, but it sure makes for a more pleasant workplace!"


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Great post by a very smart guy.

Sad that you had to remind folks who he is... wow.

Well done!