I've been wearing out the 'casts since late March and I'm now digesting the forum.
I work for a small chemical company as a R&D chemist. Right now I manage projects not people.
I didn't take any business in college and as a result always felt like I would never be management material. Now having found MT I realize that when the time comes...I [u]will [/u]be ready.

Thanks M&M for the hard work. I genuinely enjoy your work.


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Welcome to Manager Tools! We're glad you're here.

Watch that back seat driving, though. Bosses don't like that. napoleon once said that every solider has a Marshall's baton in his knapsack...but David Ogilvy wisely added, "yes, but he shouldn't let it stick out."

It's a privilege for us to serve you.


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Welcome to the forums! It's always good to know you have a leg up on the skills you'll need to go where you want to.

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You have an awesome training resource here and a few hundred training partners! Take advantage and ask lots of questions. I learn more from the questions others ask here than I could read anywhere else.

Welcome aboard.