I started at a small company (around 40 people totall) about five months ago, and it informally came up to our CEO that play golf at one of the local high end public courses.

He's a big golfer and has been wanting to play at my home course for a while.

I booked a tee-time, so it'll be me (manager level), my boss (director level), the COO, and the CEO in the foursome.

Any specific dos or don't besides the two drink rule, no screaming or throwing clubs, etc?



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I know this isn't what you asked, but I'm a little suprised that you're a manager and are 3 levels below the CEO at a 40 person company. Do you have any directs?

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What course? (my company works with a number of golf course architects on the east coast, so just curious). As my Dad (avid golfer) told me many years ago, there's no need to let the boss win. Go, have fun, becareful of how much you drink, esp. if this is the first time you all are getting together. my 2 cents.
cheers, george

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I agree with George - the other key component is to have fun. Go with that intent, drink little or none, enjoy the game and have a good time. Business *can* happen over golf, but it isn't a requirement. The relationship is what's important on this day. Relax and build it!

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We're an internet company that "flamed out" during the bust. But were able to hang on and are retrenching and rebuilding.

I don't have any "direct reports" at the company, I tend to interact with most of the internal and external teams in a project manager role. Only 20 or so of our people are "in the office" most are contractors.

We have a very flat org chart-

Thus Mark and Mike's experience is like having an outsourced mentorship program.

George- The course is is Harding Park in San Francisco. We hosted the Amex tournament in Oct '05, and we'll be hosting the President's cup in a few years. We're literally right across from the Olympic club.

Julia- The only difference between my friends and I, is they Expect to be good, when they come out to play. I go to have a good time and focus on my my strengths and see if I can't improve on a particular aspect of the game. I'm usually leave less upset than they do.