Heya MT Community

We have almost hit 15,000 registered members.

Wow... premium content and an milestone number in one day. Keep spreading the news. Keep it professional, San Diego!

Congrats M&M!


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Mike, Mark,
Thank you.

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Mike and Mark,

Congrats on the upcoming release. The offer is a deal at twice the price. Your concise, effective advice has been very valueable to me, and I appreciate an opportunity to support your work by subscribing.

On the soapbox thing -- I think it would be cool if we invested in a physical soapbox and shipped it from member to member like one of those "wayward yard gnomes". Each member could sign the box or drop in a note or a photo of themselves on the soapbox. Maybe there's some variation on this idea that would be more practical . . .


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I love that idea ... maybe a "virtual" soap box that can be sent from member to member. My mind is spinning ;-)

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Oh, my secret will surely get out at some point:

I already hava soapbox. An actual box for soap.

When I was at Procter, it was a gift for achieving smoethng I think. It's wood, about 18" high, enough to store maybe 10-20 books. A little flimsy for me to stand on (6'3", 230), but it's stilll...

A soapbox.

Sitting right here in my office, full of books to read.

We will figure out the MT store thing in the next 12 months, pretty sure.


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[quote="attmonk"]gives you feedback every 4 minutes and 15 seconds, [/quote]

Please breath more regularly....or :oops:

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OK, this was laugh-out-loud funny. Great suggestions. Someone has GOT to come up with a way to make the action figures with The Firm Handshake Grip.

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Approaching [b]17,000[/b] Just checked. Phenomenal. Feel privileged to be part of this community. Inputs from members are helping a lot. I am not sure if any other specific community is this big and growing??

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And less than one month later we've reached 17,554. At a steady rate of 500 people per month, we'll be close to 20,000 at the 2 year anniversary for the forums, perhaps just a bit short of it.