Junior manager here....

My first experience with feedback. It went amazingly well.

Yesterday, I gave my first piece of feedback using the model. It was positive. When I did the "may I give you feedback?" there was concern in my guy's face. Our relationship needs some work (03's scheduled for next week). The look on his face when I gave positive feedback. Priceless.

Today I gave my second piece of feeback. It was negative. A different employee was late for work, and worse, late for our team meeting. Thanks to M&M, I ignored the lateness during the meeting and afterwards, we had a 15 second catchup. During the "what can you differently?":

"Well I guess I can catch the train earlier to make sure I show up on time"

"Great, thanks. Catch you later"

I haven't stopped smiling.

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Outstanding Neil!
Keep it up. It gets easier and easier.

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I'll just take the opportunity to replace "negative" with "adjusting".

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As someone who gives out this site and these tools constantly to people they would be helpful to, I had the great joy of giving some feedback to one of those folks I know is familiar with the model by her own use. About 5 minutes later, I got a message from her that said, "You know, I love feedback! It just totally made my week. Thank you." That was affirming feedback, but in the past she's had both from me with the same results.

It just feels good.

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Nice work. Probably this is overkill, but feedback can wait until you get some one on ones under your belt...and negative feedback can wait too...


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[quote="mahorstman"]Nice work. Probably this is overkill, but feedback can wait until you get some one on ones under your belt...and negative feedback can wait too...


Somebody once said to try just positive/affirming feedback until your directs ask for correcting/negative... who won that competition Mark? :wink:

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Thanks for the tip Mark. Just so I understand, 1-1's and coaching first, then start feedback once you're comfortable with the 1-1's?

If I didn't value your advice as highly as I do, I'd be thinking "That advice might work for others, but I don't need to wait, my people will prefer it this way right now, because they'll be more effective". Suppose that's some high D showing through.

Since my initial post, I have been using mostly positive feedback, and have seen noticable changes in behaviour. It's incredibly powerful. The few times I have given adjusting feedback, it's been doubly powerful to follow up with positive feedback.


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I wouldn't stop anything you are doing. If you've started feedback, don't stop. When you restart then people will think you're not committed.

I think Mark suggested O3s then feedback for someone who was just getting started. It could be overwhelming to deliver, and receive, a whole new slate of management tools at once.

Now that you've been doing the feedback, tell people the next step is regular meetings to keep communication lines open. So the order changed. The world's a malleable place.

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I would agree with Will 100%. The reality is that we all do things a little differently, and sometimes we screw up the order. And...the other way is usually just fine.

Continue doing the things you've already started. Add in the other tools as you can. Life is grand.

Now, if only I can replicate myself I will get everything done!

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I won't contradict anyone (me, contradict JULIA? :wink: ). And, I really think it's better to wait on negative feedback generally.

No, you don't need to stop giving it, but I would look for more positive than negative. I doubt all your folks are High D.

And, the order is generally one on ones, feedback after a couple/few weeks (and positive before negative), and then coaching last. Coaching relies on feedback, so you really can't start it without feedback.

No need to rush. A manager who did O3s for 3 months without anything else would be doing VERY well compared to the manager with no plan.


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Thanks to everybody for your comments. The way forward seems pretty clear. It shouldn't be too difficult to handle the one to ones and keep with positive feedback, gradually picking up adjusting feedback and coaching.



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:shock: I'm entirely contradictable!

Good point on the primary positive. I'm ramping up the feedback with my crew.

We aren't getting our O3's in at the moment (the drawback to a call center in my industry this time of year - scheduling can be hell). My team is missing them. I think every single one of them has asked. I've been very clear with them that it boils down to needs of the business and all of our availability this time of year (vacation on everyone's end, training schedules, and budget season may kill me). I've also been very honest with them - I HATE that I'm not getting this time with them and I'm working very hard to pack the rest of it away so that I can.

They all know that we should be back on schedule in September and the feedback allows me to make sure they know that even though a lot of my time is tied up away from my desk right now, I'm still in touch with them, the coaching we've been working on, and where they are in the process.

I'm trying to plan better for next storm season so I don't get this ball smacked out of my hands again.