Did the special email mentioned in the blog go out?

If it did, I bet our new nuclear-powered email filter blocked it. :x


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Mike are you OK with my index Mindomo map being that it only has links to your pages? I'll delete it if you want.

As to the Wiki - I fully understand the desire for editorial control - Wikipedia works because of it's shear numbers. There are a number of Wiki's that have levels of access that might suit. PBwiki is the one I am using at the moment. (And there is a cross reference with Mark's Brainstorming Peanut Butter Rule :lol: )

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I think what you're doing is perfectly fine. I liken it to tags in Technorati.

Frankly, I love it! That is, other than highlighting how non-intuitive it can be to find the right content today on Manager Tools ... and THAT is something we are working on. As a matter of fact, I have a nice new shiny blade server search appliance we purchased from Google (brought to you by all the fine Premium members :-) to help solve this problem (obviously, only part of the solution).


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Loaded up the new feeds in ITunes, they work fine. They also d/l very quickly. I'm sure that's just size.

My only thought is that now I have 4 entries in my podcast list rather than 1. That being said, I'm not sure if I'd like to have it all in one, it might be hard to find anything.

Can't I just get a chip or something inserted into my brain? Or better yet, a clone of you two to come in and do my work for me everyday? Hmm, then I'd be bored. Damn, even a clone can't solve my every problem!

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Thanks, Will.

Although our intent is to get the infrastructure to the point where each subscriber can have an individualized feed or *feeds*, the load on the server right now would be too much to support. Imagine, for example, the ability to create a custom feed with a subset of the shows and send that feed to a friend. You know she wouldn't want to listen to ALL the shows, but you want to provide her a tailored list specific to her situation. :-) That's where we're going. Obviously, our existing infrastructure won't support that ... wonder where all the premium content money is going? ;-)

Thanks for the input ... much appreciated!

best regards,

P.S. The "brain chip" will have to wait until version 3.0 of Manager Tools ;-)

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[quote]agreen, as admirable as your intent is, we'd prefer that folks NOT start republishing MT content. The reasons are numerous, not least of which is that our attorney has suggested we don't permit it. Thank you so much for being concerned and asking ... I VERY much appreciate that!

No problems Mike. The offending maps are gone and deleted. No more republishing from my end.

Just tried out the new feeds. I use Juice and they worked fine. Looking forward to the tailored feeds.

I have started using the coaching model with some Team Leaders that report to me. The problem I have with suggesting a "pile of resources" is that I am struggling to take seriously anything other MT podcasts, and push them to join any way I can. The individuals have been a little daunted by the sheer volume of material on the site and so hang back from "diving in". A personalised feed would be a great idea to help them focus on a specific topic / skill. Great way to get someone to dip their toe into the MT pond.

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On that topic I normally caution folks I send here as to the volume available and give them a list of starting points (depending on who they are and what they need most). Since my iPod is almost always within reach and I know fairly closely the titles of the casts I think they need most, it's fairly easy for me to be specific.


Great input here and glad to get some specifics on ways we can contribute. As for the Wiki, it's my personally favorite idea. I don't think it would be difficult to implement functionality that allows for varied levels of access and/or limit it to registered members, etc. At that point there is still some possibility for quality issue, but I don't think it will be such an issue with this crew. You won't find many groups of folks more rabidly attentive to detail and information quality than we have here. AND it frees you two from doing all the work!

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Sorry I've been gone so long, folks.

I agree with Mike about most everything.

I am not a big fan of a Wiki for us, but won't rule it out because he thinks it might work.

There's a corollary here for those of you who have read The Wisdom of Crowds. The core of the book, that is often missed, is that crowds do have wisdom - when they have some knowledge of the area they are being wise about. Otherwise, there's just randomness.

In our case, I fear there would be a lot of randomness, and/or non-tested methods. It's one thing to do research on Thermopylae, for instance...and another to talk about how one should fight a defensive battle. I think if what we were talking about was widely available and simply not easily found, as historical information is, a wiki would make sense. But I am not sure that it would work for management advice.

But I am still thinking about it, and remain open to ideas.

Good to be back.


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My idea isn't to use it for management advice so much as a roadmap to the information available here. Just my two coppers!