As many of you know, I am going through the job search process. Following M&M's template, I dashed off a couple of thank you notes to recruiters. Nothing fancy, standard Hallmark box set along with my attrocious hand writing.

I received a call today from one of the recruiters, gushing about how in her 20 years in the business, NEVER had a candidate sent her a thank you note. I think it made a good impression :D


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Way to go! I'm sure you'll have multiple offers soon!

I don't think I've ever received a hand-written note. I think I've received a couple of emails. But I don't interview often. It's amazing how little it actually takes to impress. Hmm, maybe that didn't come out right.

I'd be pretty impressed if I got a hand-written thank you.

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It's funny to hear that again. I had a guidance counselor tell me that in 1995. I included a handwritten note to every company I interviewed with. I also made the mistake of mixing up two companies and which card went to which company :oops:

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I've had a number of occassions to write thank you notes in the last year. I've got a sort of game now - they are often on display on a shelf where they can see them easily. So when I'm visiting, I count my thank you cards - the more I find, the better I'm doing!

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RNTT, great story!

Thanks for the reminder... it's time to send more thank you cards.


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And folks think they're too much work.


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As part of on-boarding in my new outfit, I had meetings with several of my board members. Having listened to the show and knowing its the right thing to do, I sent them hand written thank you notes and expressed my appreciation. I've seen them all a couple of times since and nobody mentioned a thing. Perhaps they get a lot of notes? Perhaps my handwritting IS just too bad. Is this not the kind of thing that I should thanks them for? Are thank yous their own reward?


The shows are great help to a tyro manager like me.

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Chris - if you're grateful, send a note. Expect nothing in return. An acknowledgment is not customary today.


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Great post!

I met a very professional woman about 9 years ago who shared this secret with me, and the results have been amazing. Of course many thank you notes have been sent and left unanswered (which is fine), but those who do answer have indeed been impressed and thankful.

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Congrats on your recent success! Hopefully it leads to something great~