US Navy Chief here....working on my Masters in HR Management while I run the Academics Department of school house for Navy Corpsman prior to service with the Marines. I absolutley love manager tools and will never forget when my officer asked where I learned to run such an effective brainstorming session. Thanks Mike & Mark.

Any other military folks out there?

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Welcome aboard Chief. I think M&M are both ex-military. My brother-in-law is a Lt. Col. in the Army in Iraq right now.

I'm bald. Does that count for anything? (Too blind to have ever been military. I'm 4F.) 8)

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Welcome to the forums.

I've never been in the military and know very little about it. Listening to Mark and Mike, on these 'casts and at the conference, I have learned much more about the valuable lessons many have learned from the armed forces.

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Hey chief -

I got out a long time ago, but still carry the lessons learned during six years as a Navy nuke. (I was a reactor operator on a fast attack submarine). Being in the power generation business, over 50% of new plant operators we hire have had military training and experience -- Navy, Coast Guard and Merchant Marine. The military provides great technical training. They also give young people tremendous responsibility and that gives these people a maturity and discipline that they bring back to the civilian world.

It's great that you've found this community. I would think these principles work very well in your situation and give you a real leg up working with the Marines.

Great to see you here and looking forward to hearing more from you.


p.s., Mark & Mike are both West Pointers but we don't hold that against them!

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Lou, Thanks! We truly appreciate that!

Chief, Welcome! Needless to say, Mark and I hold a special place in our hearts for our comrades in arms. Please do let us know if we can ever help!

best regards,

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Greetings Chief.

My next door neighbor (who recently moved to Corpus Cristi) is also a Chief. He's the biggest character I've ever ran across and was wondering if that applied to all chiefs.

My dad is a former marine and we've been around the world with him. He has a new job working for the Coast Guard as the southeast region's supply manager (position is out of New Orleans). Right now his big project is getting back all the equipment the Coast Guard in this region rented from FEMA. Everything from cranes to computer equipment to pads of paper. Needless to say that's a really big and interesting project and I wish him luck.

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New Listener and first time posting to the Forums!

Currently serving with the US Army in Germany looking ahead to leaving the service in next 2 yrs.

Looking forward to getting my resume in the M-T Format and being successful in the job search, thanks to the ManagerTools and Career Tools Team!