Hot on the heels of the networking podcast, I met a person who is a CIO with a large, local corporation.

Today, while reading a job board, I came across a job opening at that company (this position might be a sub-report of the person I know).

I want to contact the person to get his thoughts. However, we are just barely acquaintances (I met him briefly a few months ago and haven't spoke with him much).

This feels a little awkward to me. Can anyone give me some suggestions broaching the topic?


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I think you go with the premise that most people are looking for talent to help their organization. And that most people want to help others. It should not be akward. Wouldn't you want to help someone out, especially if there is a benefit to you?

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More details on how you met, how long you spoke, what was it like etc would be helpful.

For instance, if you were at a wedding and going through the greeting line and he's not likely to remember you is very different from we sat on the train next to each other and had an in-depth discussion about an industry specific topic.

If you think he'll remember you positively, I'd try to reestablish contact. Even if he needs a light prompting I think that would be a good idea. Basically, if you're "showing initiative" that's a good thing. It could even fast-track you up the ladder.

If he's not going to remember you, then using his name is going to work against you.

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I would contact him directly and ask for his help. Call or email him, and remind him that you met a while ago, and you've heard about an opening, and you;d like some help if he would be willing to offer it.

That's what I would do.