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It's a well known fact in recruiting circles that there are more CVs in the market after a bank holiday as people have time to review their CVs and decide they are leaving their jobs instead of just feeling miserable.

And if you're thinking that means the competition is tougher, don't. Every person who leaves their job in your skillset, leaves a gap for you to fill. And more and more people are leaving to start businesses or pursue alternate careers or take grown up career breaks. So there are more gaps, not less.


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AND . . . if you haven't acquired M&M's EXCELLENT interviewing series, do so at once!

I thought I was a good interviewee (and most recruiters I've met thought so too), but this stuff is easily gonna make me 10x more effective than I've ever been.

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Wendii, thanks for sharing that article. Great news since I am currently hiring!

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dont you ever wish you could get everyone you know who needs a job or who is hiring to listen to their podcasts and read everything on this forum

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I sure do, Your Majesty! :wink:

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Ah thank you Jester