It looks like I might get to be the first attendee to chime in on how fantastic the conference was! The information provided was great. The hands on practice vastly exceeded my expectations on how effective it would be.

Prior to the conference I had been doing O3s, but had been pretty lax on feedback. A hour back into the office, I have already delivered feedback twice and it was like breathing :)

If you are serious about MT, you owe it to yourself to attend one of these conferences. I have been to several other leadership training seminars, professional development conferences, and countless technical conferences. This one trumps them all in the impact it will have on my life and work, and more importantly the life and work of the folks on my team.

Mark, Mike, Mike, Kate and Steve did a superb job. Thanks for all of your effort in pulling this together.

Great value, and a great time.

Mike Hansen

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Well done putting your new tools into practice so fast.

I attended the Washington MT Conference and spending so much time practicing feedback was one of the most valuable parts of the conference for me.

I'm just excited that more people were able to experiance what I did at the first conference!


fmcternan's picture

I've been lurking for almost a year and a half. Attending the MT conference this week in San Antonio has pushed out into the sunlight!

The conference this week was outstanding. It's really simple: If you're a manager, you need manager-tools, you need to hear Mark and Mike, and if you have the opportunity to EXPERIENCE Mark, Mike, & company, DON'T MISS IT.

This was hands-down the best training I've ever attended. Everything was top notch, right down to my fellow attendees.

It was a great experience, and one that I highly recommend. I'm looking forward to the next step - the advanced MT conference.


Fran McTernan
New Jersey

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*slap forehead* Of course! I've been wondering why the forum has been so quiet in the last couple of days....

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The feedback practice [i]was[/i] useful, and a lot of fun was had at the same time.

So, I should probably take this opportunity to apologise to Lori, Will & Steve that had to partner with me for that particular exercise! :D

In all seriousness, getting feedback (by the model) on [i]delivering[/i] the feedback was a "good thing".


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This Manager Tools conference was the most effective two days of training that I have ever had. I have taken away so much from this conference above what I was getting out of the pod casts. In addition to presentations and practice, which were excellent, I got a lot out of the Q&A's during the meals and the informal discussions after dinner and between breaks. It also makes all of the difference in the world to be at a training seminar with so many other people that actually want to be there. This is really a great group of people, all looking to become even better at what they do.

I can't wait until I get back to work to put some of what I learned to action. I am absolutely convinced that this will have a major positive impact on my team.

Thanks Mike, Mark, Mike, Steve, and Kate!

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Mike, Mark, Michael, and Steve --

Thank you so much for such a wonderful conference! The more I reflect on the two days -- the more I appreciate the value it brings to ANY attendee. It was jammed pack with management goodness!

On a side note, I was amazed at the value of the 2nd half of the last Q&A at the end of the conference. I encourage you to include that material in the formal conference curriculum.

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San Antonio was amazing. Here's why.

[u]The models[/u]. I have listened to all of the podcasts and felt I had a basic understanding of the models. The key learning from the conference is that to know and not to do is to not really know. The opportunity to practice was HUGE. Then seeing the models role played just locked it in for me.
The models tied together. [/u]The results possible from tying together the models is not linear, it is exponential. I kept repeating in my head, "of course, of course." Each model makes more sense as part of the larger performance management model.
The role models.[/u] Mike, Mark, and the team were great role models. Not only in demonstrating the material, but also in how they approach this mission to improve management. It is clear to me that you guys could be very successful (and extremely wealthy) if you followed convention. You are leaving a lot of profit on the table in pursuit of your mission. It is inspiring. I am convinced you will do well by doing right.

[u]The relationships. [/u] It was a blast meeting so many great people. Folks who are committed to their growth. Folks from across the globe and across different industries. The personal stories were fascinating.

I am looking forward to "201". :D

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Yes, SA did ROCK! What an amazing, motivational, life-changing two days.

To the MT Crew -- I have one word...flawless! Everything from the advance prep and info through the content and presentation to every logistical detail was perfect. You created a warm, inviting and safe environment and that made the learning even better. As someone who has planned and executed trainings, I know the effort it takes to make it appear "effortless." From the participant side, the surface was smooth as glass. I also want to commend you on your openess and willingness to accept feedback. I know how much it can hurt (we are human after all) to pour your heart and soul into a training and then receive negative feedback on things over which you have no control... like the bathroom facilities. Your modeling of behaviors you're teaching us to do was inspirational. Thank you for an exceptional experience!

To the participants -- Thank you for sharing your experiences, success stories and lessons learned. The group dynamic really added to the conference. It's great to have faces to go with the names on the forums. I look forward to continuing the relationships started in SA.

To those of you considering a future MT conference -- Do it!

BillB's picture

Terrific content. Terrific conference.

Loved all the "hands-on" practice with the coaching and feedback model. I was particularly awestruck by Mark the "energizer bunny". He keeps going, and going, and going... :D Great!

Thanks again Mike, Mark, Mike, Steve, and Kate - superb job!!

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[quote="BillB"]I was particularly awestruck by Mark the "energizer bunny". He keeps going, and going, and going... :D Great!

The amazing power of honey! Hope your voice has recovered, Mark.


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Sure there's value in a professional management consultant delivering smooth content. Sure there's value in a well executed conference. Okay, there's a level of energy and impact that you can only get when M&M are right in front of you. Everyone's said all of that, and I agree wholeheartedly. But come on, we've heard that in the podcasts. Good solid information for the real world.

But don't discount the value of meeting your peers. There is value in knowing that others are facing situations very similar to your own. There is value in learning how they are addressing these issues. And there's value in seeing M&M and team provide insight and direction on those real-life scenarios.

Everything is easy and clear when it's scripted out, or written in a book. But in this conference M&M open themselves up to the ugly dirty reality, and their methods hold. Their tools work. Now that's powerful. You watch the MT thought process take place right in front of you. That's powerful.

Thanks Mike and Mark and Mike and Steve and Kate. It was fantastic.

MikeK's picture

Its hard to add to everyone's comments. The conference was fantastic. Excellent value and like others already noted, it was executed perfectly. maybe something to do with those managing it?? :lol:

I enjoyed the practise best, was still shocked at how smoothly the individual management tools really did fit together (you can say that all day long in a podcast, but until you see it, you don't believe it). The additions of schedule and performance management were great components and I loved getting to meet and know a few more managers who use this stuff.

Thanks again Mike, Mark and others for a great conference and for the personalization you each demonstrated proving that great management is about the people.

Mike King

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Awesome! Time very well spent. The best was the practice with immediate feedback from the coaches. The open Q&A was also great!

Thanks to everyone who helped put this together!


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(first time posting here) It definitely did rock!
I know you had discussed this and we're all still getting caught up at work, but I would love to get a PDF of the binder contents. I want to give a presentation at work, share the techniques, the knowledge and the enthusiasm...

Thanks for a very productive, energetic few days!!


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Thought I'd share up a few pics to show how nice the hotel view was and the area of San Antonio for those who've never had the privilege to be there. Let me know if you're interested in any full quality versions.


BillB's picture

Daylight? I don"t remember seeing daylight. :D

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[quote="Mike K"]Thought I'd share up a few pics to show how nice the hotel view was and the area of San Antonio for those who've never had the privilege to be there. Let me know if you're interested in any full quality versions.[/quote]

Nicely done, and thanks for sharing.


terrih's picture

Lovely photography!

I've enjoyed my past visits to San Antonio and wish I could have gone to the conference... ah well, I'm saving my shekels for Chicago. 8)

danstratton's picture

Wonderful pictures. I know my view didn't look that good. You must have been on the other side of the hotel. :-) Thanks for sharing.

It was a terrific two days. I came away so excited and humbled. Wonderful information and a lot of good interaction with some very fine people. It was everything I hoped it would be and more. Thanks, M&M! &M&S&K!

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Thanks everyone for the kind words and encouragement during and after the conference.

I am trully honored and blessed to be a part of the team for MT San Antonio.

It was an amazing experience for me both personally and professionally.

If there is anything I can do post conference to help folks out please don't hesitate to ask.



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Great pics.. Would be interested in the full version..


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:oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

Thank you all very much. We are humbled by your response, and it makes us want to do it again, and better every time.