According to the "Contacting Recruiters" podcast, you should not permit a recruiter to broadcast your resume.

If you had inadvertantly applied for a job posted by a recruiter (not a hiring company) on a job board (i.e.,, [b]what steps can you take to ensure that your resume is not broadcasted?[/b]

Obviosly, best case is to be proactive and nail down this requirement, however, mistakes do happen.

Thanks very much.

- TJF123

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Ensure that the recruiter understands the conditions under which you give him your resume. State it explicitly when you send the resume, even if you're sending it for a specific job. You must ok the submittal of your resume for any other position. The reason is because you're looking via multiple channels and you must ensure you are not submitted twice for a job.

If they violate that rule, drop them like a rock. I've had it happen once that a recruiter put me in for a job that I didn't know about. About a week after the official submittal, he called back and said that "as a favor to me", he had submitted me for another position that I looked just perfect for.... I told him that I absolutely would NOT interview for the new position and reinforced with him that he was not authorized to submit my resume anywhere. I followed it up with an email stating the same thing.