I'm going to order some nice personalized note cards to be used for (among other things) Thank You notes.

There's an option to included my return address on the envelopes for a not-so-nominal fee, and I'm on the fence if I should include it.

- Looks more elegant (vs. return address sticker)

- more money
- if I move and have cards left, they become waste.

Anyone have thoughts if I should put the return address?

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You forgot one major con:
Looks mass-produced, taking away part of the personal touch.

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Why not some nice, blank note-size paper with matching blank envelopes? Don't use stickers - hand write everything, including your return address.

It will stand out.


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No to preprinted addresses.

If you're fortunate enough to find a true stationary store, they will be able to advise you on this. It should be a sign that they even offered to print the addresses: you have not found it yet.

I favor stock cards with just my name printed in the middle of one side. Entirely blank envelopes. No address on card or envelope. No words other than my name. I use them for all purposes, including thank you notes.


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[quote="jhack"]Why not some nice, blank note-size paper with matching blank envelopes? Don't use stickers - hand write everything, including your return address. [/quote]

How much is it acceptable to have preprinted?

I ask this because, as a result of a physical disability (one of the Dyspraxia family of disabilities), it is pretty much impossible for me to write legibly. If I were writing a thank you card I could (based on my experience with Christmas and birthday cards) just about manage their name at the top and mine at the bottom, even then they would look like they were written by a 4 year old.


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Sounds like pre-printed makes sense for you.

[later additional edit: It's the thought that counts. The more personal you can make it, the better. What about something you can print on your computer/printer? That could be personalized, taking into account your abilities.]


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Brian, do you have a scan of that? I'm seriously not getting a visual of in the middle of one side...

That said, I currently have a set of decent (not 'good') thank you cards with a simple silver embossed 'thank you' on the cover. Shopping for good stationary is on my list to do, but it follows 'buy house' in the priority list at the moment.

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I don't send thank you cards. If I did I think Julia has a nice approach. Imagine opening the note ... the immediate effect is postive: 'its a thank you note!' - I smile automatically thinking about it. Everything from then on in is read with rose-tinted glasses. The fact that it is pre-printed will draw attention to the main point. Close to cheesy and more fun for it.


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Julia, thank you for asking. I did not give a good or accurate description of what I use. The entire card is a little more than 4" high x 6" wide. My name is printed in the middle of the long edge, at the top of card.

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Thanks, Brian! That cleared it right up for me.

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I have trouble with my handwriting as well. My handwriting looks like I am writing with my non-dominant hand on a bad day! :lol:

If I am sending the thank you to people I know, not an issue and they appreciate it. If I have to send the thank you to people who are not aware, I ask someone to help me out with it.

There is no rule that says you have to write the card yourself, just that it should be your sincere thoughts.