I have problems with ordering the items on my resume. I just graduated and this is what I want to put on the resume (all items are relevant for the job I want to apply for):

- Civil service (right after high school) (A)
- University (B)
(cronological order)

During my studies:
- Job 1 (C)
- Job 2 (D)
- Freelancing (E)
(also cronological order)

Also during my studies:
- Volunteer Work 1 at the university (F)
- Volunteer Work 2 (G)

Here is a diagramm that makes it easier to understand:

As you can see, I am not able to put these items all in a strict reverse cronological order where the end date of item 1 is the start date of item 2.

Any suggestion how I should tackle this? I thought about segmenting the resume into sections similar to the ones above and order the items inside the sections by start date.


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My suggestion:

One line for your degree at the bottom, all your other work in reverse chronological order by the end date.

Anyone will be able to see the dates overlap. Keep it simple.


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I disagree only because the type/level of work during university may not be suitable for the job you are after. In my case I would have; cellarman, bartender, porter and child minder. Not particularly exciting for someone looking to be an Architect.

My preference would be B E D C A F G
One line for your degree is a bit mean as you are recently graduated. The university degree took most of your time. It also immediately identifies the time you were studying and the reviewer should pick up that subsequent entries were within the same timescale. Assuming that jobs E, D and C would not knock my socks off as an interviewer. If the reviewer doesn't pick up the difference in timing then they would assume the jobs preceeded university.

If the reviewer sees E D or C first he may not bother to look further down.

Volunteer work is less important for a youngster :wink: and can be safely left at the bottom.


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Thanks for your answers, guys.

I am with Chris about university. As I received my final grades just two days ago, making it a one liner does not cut it :-)

Furthermore, my diploma thesis combined with job D is what qualifies me for the job at hand (in substance and years of experience with many relevant accomplishments, it was far from burger fliping or coffee fetching).

E, C, and the volunteer stuff are relevant and show accomplishments and traits that are helpful for the job, but they are not mind-blowing. They are not fillers.

Chris' order is one I am thinking about, the other is to pull the jobs up front. The impression I want to convey is that I am not someone green, fresh out of university seeking his first job, but someone with job and industry experience. I was half working, half studying in fact.

What I am weary about is that you partly jump back and forth in time while you scan down the start dates and the order of the items is not bluntly obvious. Might leave an unstructured impression. Therefore my thoughts about sectioning the resume.


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The resume should have work experience in reverse chronological order. Education goes at the bottom. If you want to highlight that you worked while in school, note it as a bulleted accomplishment.

for more specifics, check out the resume 'cast.

remember Mark's advice - the resume is not a story you're trying to tell them, it's about what they want to know. Don't try to be a designer, or over-engineer it. You may design yourself right out of an interview.

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Skwanch I totally disagree. Martin is marketing himself as a graduate (unless I missed something). I have assumed that work experience to date is not the main selling point for a graduate.
Once you have a few years experience in work then certainly relegate education to the bottom. If Martin does this now, he does himself a dis-service as it is his main attribute.