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I have an interview with a good company tomorrow. They indicated I should arrive early to fill out an application (no problem) I found the application on their website and decided to review it, there is one question I need advise with:

Starting Salary Expected

Should I leave this blank on the application? Or fill it in?

What are your thoughts?


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In our part of the world we fill in "Negotiable".


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Thank you Karthik!

I think I have tunnel vision from studying for interviews!!

Appreciate the feedback.


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I just filled it in with what I wanted when I ran into it.

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[quote="TomW"]I just filled it in with what I wanted when I ran into it.[/quote]


I think the question is more: how do you determine what the number is?

My suggestion would be to a) do research ( online b) compare what/where you are with respect to what/where you will be

Be ready to accept an offer with that number on it.

Do NOT negotiate.

(all this covered in the interviewing series)

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This is not an interview question, so I'd also recommend putting in "negotiable".


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Thanks all!

Negotiable is what I went with.


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[quote="mahorstman"]This is not an interview question, so I'd also recommend putting in "negotiable".

It's on a form which will be used during the interview, so why put something different on that form than what you will say during the interview?

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Marvellous day,

similar situation here. This is what they ask:

Please submit your curriculum vitae and cover letter in English, as well as your salary expectations and availability to [e-mail]

And im trying to figure out a number. What they seek seem very specific (Know 3 or more languages, Knowledge of Lean and PMI, willing to travel, 3 to 6 year of experience, etc...) and since it is in another country, I don't have a feel for what is right yet.

Should I say a figure in my cover letter? (Along the lines of: My reasearch tells me around x$, of course i'm open to review that based on opportunity and benefits...) Or just say, I'm negociable? 

Thank you and have a great day. 

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I'd use Marks' advice Mashuu. Negotiable is a perfectly acceptable answer.

To expand, salary isn't an interview question, it's part of the offer.