Hello from Ireland,

I've an mechanical engineering background.
I’m on a 2-year graduate operations leadership development program with a global organisation. That involves 3 rotations in
- different roles… supply chain & quality so far. Engineering is next…
- different operating companies… medical devices so far. Pharmaceuticals is next on my list.
- different countries (sometimes)…
I’m half way through the program. I have no directs/reports just tasks/projects to complete, so not as much leadership training / experience as I would have liked…

I am currently working in the UK. I though it rained a lot in Ireland, but I’m considering trading my car in for a boat since I moved to the UK… :lol:

I’ve been listening / studying MT for a couple of months now & it’s about time I took the plunge & took part in the forum.

I’m only starting out in my career & I already feel I have an competitive advantage having listened to MT. The forum is also proving to be a treasure chest of valuable posts / information. I guess it’s just up to me to put it all to use! & I hope with time I can make a positive contribution… Just a matter of hitting that breakeven point (ref First 90 Days, Michael Watkins)... & I love to read as well.
Its just finding enough time for all of the above is the hard part...

Looking forward to getting to know you all better…


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Welcome aboard Martin. I look forward to hearing more from you in the forums soon.

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Welcome, Martin.

Glad you're with us and have spoken up.

Give us a review of the program you're in once you finish, if you would be so kind.


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[b]Will Duke[/b]: For now it will be more questions then answers…

[b]Mark Horstman[/b]: Will do.

It’s the first year of the program, so we’re the guinea pig class.
Both the Program Office & the class are learning… sometimes it appears to be a bit too ad-hoc…

Has anybody else on the Forum experience on such program?
Would be interested to hear from other experiences as well.

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Questions are often better than answers. Especially in my case! :wink: