Mark and Mike,

I'd love to get your thoughts, whether objection, blessing or something else, on listeners (this one in particular) burning cds of your casts to share with colleagues.

I'd like to encourage other managers in my organization to get started with Manager Tools, and even suggest that our Executive Director and HR department consider MT as a recommended resource for all managers.

A cd that I could hand around so people could listen and get started without having to download the episodes themselves seems like a good way to hook people, particularly those who are not generally podcast listeners.

When I began listening to Manager Tools podcasts it was fairly early in your history and only took me a day or so to download the back episodes :-)

Nowadays, sorting through the archives and downloading all or choosing key episodes would be more daunting.

While your casts are all available for free I wouldn't package and circulate them this way without permission.

Many thanks for your great work,


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Copying and using as you describe seems to be prohibited in the [url=]Terms of Use[/url].

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A broadly similar question was recently asked in another forum:

Mark has responded, I suggest that you keep an eye on that thread.


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Got it. Thanks, Stephen.