I've been involved in IT operations and Software development for over 16 years. I have been a technology manager for more than seven years.

Prior to my IT jobs I worked for seven years in a trade (plumbing). The only connection (all scatological jokes aside) is the management and coaching of apprentices, and project management.

Should I have this job on my resume?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


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Yes. You undoubtedly did good work, learned, and progressed.

I have had folks leave this sort of thing off, and as a hiring manager, I not only ask (since there is gap in the history) but I wonder why they wouldn't put it on there.

Other opinions out there?


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I think it shows considerable initiative to go from a trade to another profession. You must have wanted a change and put considerable effort into making that happen.

As much as people make jokes about people in trades, you also do a lot of work and study under less than ideal conditions to get your ticket. To leave that all behind and take a another step which also requires a lot of learning and studying is a big positive for me.


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What they said.

Leave it on.. gaps make me wonder what you're hiding, and learning a trade teaches you all sorts of things outside of the trade itself which are useful.


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I'm with John. The last person I hired, I had to ask about what he did before he entered our industry. He was a bartender. I think that is great training for developing customer service skills. Would've helped me had it been on the resume.