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I manage a group of consultants at a large client site. Most of my reports work on different technology. They also have direct reports within the company that we all consult for. The trouble I find is adding value to our weekly meetings. Since I'm not responsible for them in an operational capacity, focusing on the day to day work would be redundant since that is the focus of the meetings they have with their internal directs. We don't work on the same technology, so focusing on any particular technology would be of limited interest to the larger group. I've tried a number of other types of content with mostly limited success. In one meeting we talked about investment strategies, in another we all worked on a SWOT together for the team as a whole. It's important to our company that we meet on a weekly basis in order to have the consultants identify with their employer as well as the client they spent their day at, but more and more I find it difficult to provide enough content to make the meetings valuable.

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Listen to the 'hot wash' cast and use the www/tala . . . let your team figure out where value can be added.