I'm not sure how to phrase this in a concrete way, so I'm going to post the question to the forum.

At some point, I remember hearing a discussion about a direct complaining to a boss and how to handle it. I don't remember the specific podcast.

If anyone knows, I'd greatly appreciate the link. I'm watching this post so just post the reply in the forum.


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Noah, not sure what you mean by "complaining"

There are discussions regarding feedback (when the direct disagrees with the boss) in all four of the feedback podcasts (feedback, feedback revisited, feedback upgrade and feedback disagreement).

The "resolving conflict" podcast does cover something like this as well.

Do you remember anything else about the discussion you're seeking? What was the context?


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It might be the resolving conflict podcast...I'll have to listen to it again.

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That's the one that came to my mind as well - the whole podcast dealt with the issues between directs when you are the manager, and I believe I do recall a "when they are complaining to you" conversation.

Great podcast, as usual~