Hi, everyone!

My name is Gene Carangal and I am an administrator for my wife's pediatric practice in McAllen, Texas. Prior to opening the clinic 5 years ago, I worked as an applications programmer and eventually project manager for a marketing research firm based in Chicago.

I found the MT podcast while browsing through Itunes about a year ago. I consider the MT podcast as an indispensable tool in making important business decisions. Thanks, M&M!

One of my most important goals is to make our clinic a paperless office. We switched from paper charts to electronic medical records 2 years ago, but we still deal with a lot of paper coming in from insurance companies, government agencies and other clinics. I have 4 document scanners and half an FTE to manage all the incoming paperwork.

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Hi, Gene! Good luck with your efforts going paperless.

After 10 years of working of technology companies, I am finally no longer surprised by the fact that they use more paper than any other entity (except the military). I'm about to make the whole office go up in flames by taking away *gasp* another ream of paper when I get it all online!

How do you guys manage to work together to maintain your business? I don't think I could work that closely with my SO without going a little batty from over-exposure.

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Good to have you on the forums. Welcome.

Just imagine the one-on-one meetings with one's spouse!


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[quote]How do you guys manage to work together to maintain your business? I don't think I could work that closely with my SO without going a little batty from over-exposure.[/quote]

Over-exposure is not really a problem because we hardly run into each other during working hours. I do a lot of work from my home office, thanks to remote access to the network and security cameras in the clinic. When I am in the clinic, I am usually locked in my office/server room. I have an office manager that takes care of day-to-day management tasks. I have tried to delegate as much as I can, so that I can concentrate on solving business problems and developing plans for business growth.

The hardest part of working with my spouse is defining boundaries between work and personal life. We have a rule about not discussing business while in our bedroom, but the rule gets broken a lot. I've also been guilty of acting like a husband while in the clinic.

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It sounds like you've got it (mostly) figured out! It's great to be able to build so much together. Congratulations!

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Welcome aboard Gene. It's nice to have another new face on the forums.

I hear what Julia's saying, I have worked with my SO in the past. If you're not working closely together it's not bad, but if you are, it's very hard. Basically, someone has to be the boss at work. And a relationship needs to not have a boss. I wouldn't do it again.

That being said, it doesn't sound like an issue for you guys since you don't work that closely together, or "for" each other.

Anyway, I know you didn't intend to start that discussion, but sometimes it happens. :wink:

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I have struggled with the work/life balance also when working with my wife - especially in a home office environment. I never thought it would be as hard as it is.

Now we are about to dive back into another venture :shock: - though I'm starting to get my wife to listen to M&M which I feel will help when we need to switch into work mode.

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How is the transition going from paperless. It was a huge transition for our hospital and system. We have not gone completely paperless, but very "Paper-Less". Continued best of luck.