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I want to train my directs on DISC. We are a professional service company, I think it will improve relations and communications with clients.

I plan to:
1. Have each direct take a DISC profile test.
2. Have each direct listen to DISC podcasts.
3. Have a meeting to discuss DISC.
3a. At the meeting guess each other's profiles.
3b. At the meeting guess client profiles.
3c. At the meeting discuss application of this information.
4. Deliver 2-sided laminated DISC summary sheet to each direct.

Has anyone used [url][/url]?
Did you use the account feature?
Was it helpful?
Did you use any of their additional tests?
Were they helpful?
Are there any other good reading resources?
Any other pertinent thoughts?

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[quote="WillDuke"]I want to train my directs on DISC. <...>
Any other pertinent thoughts?[/quote]

Hello WillDuke,

BLUF: Consider using an outside facilitator.

I originally planned to have everyone on the team take the same DISC paper instrument together and discuss it during an in-service session. After discussing the matter with others familiar with DISC they urged me to consider an outside facilitator trained on interpreting and conveying the opposed to "The Boss"

I am personally very pleased with the results of using an expert facilitator. It was the right thing to do. My team had a great time and continue to benefit from the results. In fact, we are looking forward to a refresher in the future.

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I would agree that you may get more long-term mileage from an outside facilitator.

They will have buy in and excitement from your team that the Boss will not have. Most people who are able to do this undergo intense training. Their expertise is worth the expense.

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I think Cedric did a posting with how he DiSCed his staff at his company. You might want to look for that thread if you choose not to use the outside facilitator.


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A previous company of mine tried the outside facilator route a number of years ago on a 2 day off site. We all had a good break but the DISC component failed miserably (for me and most of my peers) and put me off DISC for a long time (till M&M). They just did not show the connection to the day to day interactions.

I'm sure there are good facilitators out there, but the practicality of the MT podcasts is the best that I have come across.

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[quote="JimGutherson"][...]They just did not show the connection to the day to day interactions.

Thanks Jim for raising an important point. The facilitator for my group had a very good understanding of the distinctive culture of the non-profit where I work. His authority and genuine desire to see my team succeed contributed to the impact of the DISC exercise.

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We're pretty small and remote. I'm concerned about the expense of an outside facilitator. I doubt there's a facilitator in town. Does anyone have any numbers they could throw at this?

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[quote="WillDuke"]We're pretty small and remote. I'm concerned about the expense of an outside facilitator. I doubt there's a facilitator in town. Does anyone have any numbers they could throw at this?[/quote]


I just spoke with the gentleman that was our DISC facilitator. He has vacationed in Ketchum!

I will PM you his contact information and the two of you can discuss directly what the costs might be.

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I did that same experience twice :
- once with my directs who are executives with management responsibilities
- once with the directs of one of my managers who was having difficulties with them

I don't regret it. We still very often refer to these analysis and it is often a good tool when conversations get tough between people : "hey you say this because you are a D!". It has given them a way to talk about each other without getting too offensive, or judging (just behavior!)

The meetings we had after these "introduction" were of excellent quality.

Here was the plan each time :
- each of them did the test before the meeting (
- they could read their report, but not talk with the others about it
- then the meeting :
1. I gave them the MT "cheat sheet" and explained the big principles of the DISC
2. I gave them a little chart were there were the names of their collegues (lines) and the 4 letters of DISC (rows)
3. I read them a sumup of what Mark and Mike told us in the 4 podcasts about "how to recognize a D, I, S and a C" (with some funny details, examples of conversation between a D and a C, etc)
4. Each time they heard a clue about someone, they put a cross in the correct cell
5. When the lecture is finished, each says how he rated the other (for example, Jim says he put 4 crosses in "D" for Jane)
6. I reported the results on a paper board
7. then each person says her "real" profile and we discuss about it

I really like your idea about guessing the clients profile. I think it can directly lead to very interesting conversations about how to use DISC. Easier than to discuss about each other.

PS : While I really believe in using the DISC classification in that exercise, I don't like to use the types like "creative", or "developer", etc. they are too restrictive.

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Ced - so you didn't try any of their other tests out? Did you just buy the tests individually, or did you go for the group thing?

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No. Sorry. We are French, and the only French version available are the basic ones.

By the way, it is interesting to see that there are different translation in French for C : "Consciencieux" (means like details and accuracy) and "Conforme" (means like to play by the rules)


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You could have an outside DISC facilitator or you could purchase one of the comprehensive trainer kits out there and do it yourself. It's much better than just discussing the profile. They are extremely easy to use and provide all of the PPT, scripted seminars, videos and excercises. Plus there are several profiles related to DISC that can be used for Team Building, Time Management, work expectations and the like. We have a bunch of them on our web site. or email me [email protected]