For those of you still having trouble managing your emails, here is the latest newsletter of how to better manager your emails.

PS - it makes a great keep in touch reason (aka control shift k)


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Does that link for anyone else? I get the dreaded 404.

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Take the period off the end of the link... :roll:

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Same here, I think you need to sign up first.

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Okay, so I could have tried something instead of just giving up. What a sad excuse for a techie. :)

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And yet, I am unemployed :wink:

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Can't fire me, I'm the owner!!! :D

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Nice link, *.



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I recently finished this book. I do have to recommend it. It is basically written for Outlook 2003. After I finished reading it, I ended up switching to Outlook 2007. There is a great resource if others are in the same boat: