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I am a vet for a charity and have recently been promoted to run my hospital. I know how to fix animals but don't really know how to manage.
Like everyone else I am very busy, and as it's a new subject to me I find it very hard to study all this management stuff. The podcasts,and all the premium content, are brilliant! I have learned so much since I found your web-site and have started to make lots of little changes.
Thanks for all the brilliant advice!!!


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It's participation from you and everyone else on these forums that really makes this a great community.



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Welcome Stuart. Just think how lucky your employees are that you care enough to want to learn to do the job right. I wish all my bosses through the years had been the same.

Kudos to you!

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Welcome to the MT community. I am sure you would find Forum a good problem solving tool for many of the day to day issues at work (some times even beyond).


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Well met, sir. We're glad you're here and honored by your presence.

Let us know how we can serve you better (except for the vet stuff).


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My wife just had our first baby yesterday - a wee girl called Izzy!
She is amazing!

I will make sure that I will be scheduling family time first! I WILL leave the office on time!

All I need now is those lottery numbers so I can spend all my time with my two favourite girls!

Thanks MT for the continued help.



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Congratulations Stuart! This is a most amazing time. My little girl is 2 now, and has changed my life in every way. And every way has been for the better. Enchanting is the best word I can come up with.

Be prepared for sleep deprivation. And be prepared for "the night." This is the night that you can't possibly handle. You're exhausted, the baby's crying, and won't stop. At the end of your rope you know you can't handle it.

You can. Get to morning, somehow, and it'll get better. :)

Oh, and enjoy every second. Don't wait for a thing because tomorrow she'll be 2. :) I'm pretty sure she's graduating college next week.

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Congratulations sir.

I cannot imagine my life devoid of the joy my children have brought me. And while the birth is cool, it only gets better.


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Congratulations to you and your wife!

You know how everybody tells you that your life is going to change? Know how you've prepared yourself for this? You have no idea. The change will be much more dramatic than anything you've imagined!

Fortunately, all of that change is positive! :D

- Paul -

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Congratulations, Stuart! They grow up so fast...just yesterday my first child was born, and now he's in high school and truly a young man.

Enjoy every moment you can.

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Congratulations Stuart. I'm based in the NE of Scotland so drop me a line. Always interested in sharing ideas. Always good to meet other MTers.

[email protected]

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Gratz Stuart! Close to following your example so also making sure to put family first :)

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Stuart, Congratulations to you and your wife. They are truly a gift and a blessing. Lucky for me, both are out of the house, 1 in college. YIKES, and one in Abilene, TX (Air Force). Wait till she grows up and gives you a Grandchild.

IT's AWESOME!!! Will be down to see him in March and then get to babysit for a week in April.

Spend all the time you can with them.

G'day Mate.