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What an amazingly timely podcast -- I just got laid off on Friday. (The new CEO brought in his own management team.)

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Gosh, sorry to hear that. Do you have a plan, or is your head still spinning?

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Susan, ouch! I'm sorry to hear that. Getting laid off cannot possibly be any fun.

I suspect there's something even better in your near future!

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[quote="rthibode"]Gosh, sorry to hear that. Do you have a plan, or is your head still spinning?[/quote]

I came away from my last job search with three "call me if things don't work out" offers in addition to the offer that I actually accepted, and I've been recently working with recruiters to hire people, so I have lots of contacts there, and some credibility with them as someone good to work for. So that gives me lots of places to start.

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It sounds like you're in a good place to start a job search, at least. It's very hard to be 'downsized', but very often good things come of it!

Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

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[quote="juliahdoyle"]It sounds like you're in a good place to start a job search, at least. It's very hard to be 'downsized', but very often good things come of it![/quote]

Well... it looks like good things already have.

My last job search ended with really great offers from two companies; I had a really hard time choosing between them. I went with the company that I did because they offered me a bit more responsibility (and significantly more money, but that wasn't the main point). But the other opportunity was also excellent, and it was a wrench having to turn it down. The SVP of R&D asked me to call him if things didn't work out at my now-former employer.

So I called him. And closed him. And he offered me the job on the spot. I'm going in on Wednesday to meet my new team.

I'll be getting a raise, twice as many direct reports, the green light to hire more, and a management team that believes in me. And I can double dip for a month thanks to my severance package. The commute is worse, and the team is a pig in a poke rather than my own hand-picked all-star team, but it's a terrific opportunity, with more responsibility than I had at my previous position or than I would have had had I taken this particular opportunity back in May.

So, if anyone is thinking of investing in the interviewing series, having my (one-page) resume in hand and ready to go when the layoff hit and knowing how to close both really paid off here. I didn't follow the advice about what to wear, though -- I had grubby sweat pants on during the phone call. :-)

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Great Job! Just goes to show you should NEVER burn any bridges.

I'm so glad this worked out for you.


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Wow. Excellent.


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Wow! Now that's how to hunt up a job!

Maybe you should go back over that thread about taking your stars with you when you change jobs. :) What the heck, it appears you're unstoppable!!!

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That's AWESOME!! Congratulations - and we'll be looking forward to hearing all the new situations, challenges, and successes you have!

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Wow- great story Susan. Congrats!


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Congratulations ... glad to hear a difficult situation worked out so well!


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Way to go Susan - congratulations!

I recently had a parting of ways with my then employer (an amicable difference of opinion and job expectations) I was expecting it however it came to pass somewhat more quickly than anticipated. BUT, it's happened before and it only gets easier because you can be prepared for it.

I started on my round of contacting my recruiters and network and within 5 weeks had a job offer for a job that didn't exist until I came along.

While the interviewing preparedness was very important, the real value for me came from having a list of top priority companies, and already knowing what they were up to. I attribute that to one of the early MT podcasts where M&M talked about periodically lifting your head from your job and taking a look around you at your business and your industry. In short, I keep a close eye on what's going on and maintain my network!

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Amazing Susan!

1. More commute = more MT listening time?

2. I have a new goal in life. Get great job offer while wearing grubby sweatpants.

Seriously, congratulations. All good things in the new job!


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[quote="rthibode"]1. More commute = more MT listening time?[/quote]

Hmm. I hadn't been listening to MT on my commute, as my previous commute was to the downtown core by subway. So I've been reading books instead (I managed to finish all of Drucker's [i]Management[/i] on the subway, among other things). I'm going to have to drive (via the 401, yuck) to my new job, so podcasts in the car may be the way to go. And there's always Radio One.

Two jobs ago, I had a five minute walk from my apartment to the office....

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You may not have hand picked these people to be on your team but think of the success you will have achieved when you develop them into all-stars. It is one thing to pick the people you want on your team it is another thing to work with the people you are given and develop them.

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No wow here... sounds like you reaped exactly what you sowed.

WELL DONE! I love hearing stories of good things happening to good people, because of their preparation and preparedness. It's heartening.

If you need any help in the next couple of weeks, please PM me.