I want you all to know that our little Wendii is insane. And I mean this in the most positive way.

Even though we email and msn a fair bit, we are virtual strangers. Yet, she took the time and effort to do something incredibly special for me when I was feeling down. Wendii, you are nuts and I wish we had more nutty people like you around! Thank you so much! :D


PS - Proper Thank-You Card en route

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Wendii has been extremely helpful to me also.

From what I've learned about Wendii so far; I think this thread might grow very long.

Thanks Wendii!!

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Greg, I hope you are right :wink:

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Wendii is definitely nuts. Much <3 for her!

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Oh, and I was trying so hard to keep it a secret!

I've loved helping everyone here, enjoyed every online and offline conversation, and look forward to coming every day.

If that's nuts, then yes, I am!


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Ha ha... when I saw the title, I was a bit curious as to what Wendii had done, but yes, I must agree, she is insane!

She helped me quite a bit and took the time to give me feedback even when she had just gotten back from a trip to Europe and probably had other more important things to work on.

Thanks again! :)

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I agree. One of our finest community members.

Wendii, I look forward to meeting you in Amsterdam.

Folks - she's your model. What are you doing for others?


PS: Wendii, if you're not blushing, I think this is the first thread of it kind for any of our 18,000+ members. Kinda nice.