Is "I want an offer" acceptable if you are interviewing internally? Since it would be a promotion is "offer" the right word to use? I'm not second guessing anything from the interviewing series. I just want to make sure I do not make a mistake.



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I posted a similar question on a different thread:

Much of the feedback and the response from Mark said to treat it no differently than an external interview. That is to say, always close.


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Same same same.


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Close close close.

From personal experience: I interview for three positions within my company (essentially the same position, different locations). I closed two of the three and walked away with two solid offers to choose from and would have had a third had I not accepted my first choice. I found out later than another department head would have offered me a job in her department based on my interview so...four if we're counting the 'would have buts'.

Good luck to you!

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Thanks. I appreciate it.