Hello all,

I would appreciate some feedback about ways people have successfully and unsuccessfully approached a "Dangle" they have received during the interview and negotiation for a new job.

My original hope was to find a move:counter-move type of idea in the way that “Naughty Monkey Kicks at Tree” can stop "Chop the Hua Mountain” in kungfu. Now I think I am just looking for the graceful and professional way to react, and open conversation around the Dangled position.

***End BLUF begin MaRDB**

I'll give my personal situation as well.

I am being recruited by a software company with which I have some familiarity from the past. I am meeting with the head of this company in the near future where I am anticipating the introduction of a dangle.

These are my observations going in:
[list] * This is third time for this company to recruit me, I declined previous 2 offers, all 3 positions have been for different, title and charter
* I have already had several conversations and a meeting with one of the execs at the company to kick off this recruitment round
* They contacted me first the last two times
* I have been a consultant to them in the past
* I was a client of theirs in the past, when I received the first offer
* Relationship goes back about 5 years
* The position I expect to be dangled is a C-Level position, which I am aware will be vacated in the next few months
* There is at least one other exec at this company who would be in line for that position, and would do a good job
* Personally I don't think I would be moved from my current position for a VP role, as it would be a wash for my current role
* I am anticipating the dangle will be to bring me in as a VP and then move into the C-Level position if(when) it becomes open, the reality is I would be competing for it after I got there
* I am an expert in their core business. they seem to not be able to find or attract another, there isn't one there now
* I have a good track record with them as far as predicting what was going to happen in their market, and even with their personnel (who is going to work out, and who isn't)[/list:u]

So another way to look at my question is, what is the best way to be upfront about seeking the C-Level position from the get go. I would love to have an opening to go in with to set the expectations high. Basically Open it and Close it, with You should make me an offer as your C-Level guy.

I feel like I am a known commodity for them. I use the dangle myself and believe in it. But, i don't feel they really need to here.

I have been looking into Rites of Passage @ 100k+, and while the author talks in great detail about this approach with regards to compensation. He doesn't talk much about title because I believe the assumption is the title is static. So I'd like to have my dangle response move at the ready because I may have only one opportunity to express that.

I imagine the best advice is to allow the process to happen, if I think I can earn the dangled position after I get there then take it.

What are the thoughts and experiences of this forum?

I am grateful for your time,

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[quote]Basically Open it and Close it, with You should make me an offer as your C-Level guy. [/quote]

I think you may have answered your own question right here. If the Dangle gets made, how about closing with, "while the VP position sounds interesting, I want an offer from you on the C-suite level job and here's why..."?

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I'm in agreement with kklogic on this one express your interest in and ask for the C-level gig up front.

If you accept as a VP and the C-level gig never materializes (for reasons fair or unfair), how are you going to feel? If you answer is anything other than, "great", I'd recommend against accepting the VP role.

Good luck!

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Thank you Paul and kklogic. This is the approach I tried, since I couldn't think of anything else. You are both correct. And it turned out to be a little easier than I expected.

I had my "lunch" yesterday which was about 3 hours. We talked most of the time about what they were wanting in the company, what they were missing and what I could offer. About 2/3 through he opened the door for me to state my requested position and compensation. So after having made the case already for the previous 2 hours, I felt pretty comfortable saying directly that I wanted the CTO position. He told me that is what he had in mind as well, and he made me the offer soon after we got back to the offices to be CTO and VP of Engineering.

There was no dangle in the end, so I apologize for having a forum post that was essentially hypothetical. However, I am still curious what would be the most graceful way to approach it. So as this thread goes on and people stumble across it, if you have experience or ideas, please share.

Happy holidays to those who are celebrating now and in the near future.


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Congratulations Sylvester!

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If you focus like mad on the thing you want, you just might get it. Congrats!

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Sorry, but I'm not a fan of hypotheticals. You weren't dangled. Sure, it felt similar, but subtlety matters, alas.