I'll jump on the new Member Bios bandwagon. Perhaps we'll start a movement. :)

I am a broadcast engineer at ESPN in Bristol, CT. I am a non-manager, awaiting that next promotion. I started listening to MT as a way to help me determine whether I wanted to venture into management or follow another path. Too many technical people move up into management when they really shouldn't. This leaves them unsatisfied and those under them poorly managed. I did not want this to happen with me so I started researching management before getting too deep.

I'm still catching up but between 1.5 podcasts/day (commute time) and the forums, I have learned a lot. I am excited to put this stuff to use. I am glad that management is in my future.

I have been using many of the tools already and cannot wait to be in a position to use the others.

Thanks to Mike and Mark for the Podcasts and starting this forum. Thank you to the forum members who have been a great resource.

-Richard Miska

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[quote="ramiska"]I am a broadcast engineer at ESPN in Bristol, CT. [/quote]

Oh, hey, welcome! I just left a position at the company that handles your online video.

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Welcome. Management has taken a real beating in the media over the last few years. I also appreciate M&M making the effort to bring it back into a positive light. I find it to be rewarding work.

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I find that I listen to the podcasts several times, being caught up. I listen to many of them repeatedly to reinforce my learning, especially Feedback, O3s, coaching, and some others. Sometimes circumstances dictate what I listen to. I recently reviewed the Mergers and Acquisitions cast and the SWOT casts.

It's all good! Bandwagon!

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Welcome Richard. I love it when members post bios, it helps demonstrate the different backgrounds from which we all come.

In my life I have had the honor of meeting a couple ESPN folks and I will say that they have all impressed me a great deal... all very passionate.

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Welcome sir.

I want my ESPN! ;-)


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Welcome, Richard!

It's exciting to learn that something you thought you might not enjoy can be terribly rewarding in a very different way.

Congratulations on looking forward - I look forward to your success!

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Welcome Richard,

It is great to see Mark and Mike's material being used by folks to determine if they want to go into Management!


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Welcome Richard,

The beauty of the podcasts are that you can listen anytime, anywhere. Great to have you here.


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I was promoted from contributor to manager today! :D

I found MT in October and caught up on all the casts a month ago. Now I have the opportunity to put this material into practice.

. . . When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

Wish me luck.

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Welcome to Management Ramiska. A whole new world has just opened up for you. I'm sure you'll find all the Manager Tools information (and forums) very helpful.

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Welcome - and now [b]congratulations[/b] on your promotion!


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Richard, congratulations on your promotion, that's awesome!