I work with some individual contributors who report directly to my boss. Given the area that I'm responsible for, it would make sense for them to report to me. This would make it easier for me to own responsibility for this part of the business. My boss agrees that this makes sense, but won't make the change until the individual contributors feel comfortable with it. They are a bit older than me, with more work experience and almost as much time at the company. Any advice on helping to make this transition happen and be successful for me, the individual contributors and the company?

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Don't focus on whether they report to you or not. Take responsibility for coordinating activities. Include these folks in meetings. If you "own" the plans and the work processes, it doesn't really matter who they report to.

It's all about people. Build relationships with them. Have lunch. work together.

Having older / younger / smarter / stronger / whatever directs is common and should not be an issue.