I had the interview November 9th and it went well. The close felt awkward but it was a first me so it should be awkward. I followed up wth a email thanking them for the interview. I know I should have sent a card.

I called them two weeks ago to see if there is anything else they need from me. They said that due to holidays and conferences things were perceeding slowly. I can understand that.

[i][b]But when should I follow up with them again? [/b][/i]I don't want to seem pushy; but I do want to show that I am excited about the opportunity.


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M&M suggest weekly, for ten weeks. Alternate: voice mail and email.


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Once a week every week. I gave a guy a job for doing this. :)

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Totally agree with John and Will.


Only a few candidates have ever followed up with me, none past the first week (and I'm still waiting for someone to close me).

Stand out.

Let us know how it goes.

Best wishes!

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I agree with everyone above - weekly. I haven't had too many people follow up with me at all, even though our company typically takes a long time to process job offers.

Most of them say in the interview that they really want the job. Their actions afterwards should show it.

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But - what if the hiring manager says he will make the decision in 2 weeks?

Do you still do the follow-up call?


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Yes you do. State your enthusiasm, and tell them you are looking forward in earnest to hearing from them the following week.


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[quote="jonp"]But - what if the hiring manager says he will make the decision in 2 weeks?

Do you still do the follow-up call?


I'd be inclined to.

Since I'm living on the other end (I have two open positions right now) I would not object at all to a brief call or email along the lines of "I just wanted to make sure you're still on track to make a decision next week, and tell you I'm excited about the opportunity and really want an offer."

Of course, if you were on my short list, you'd get an email about once a week, letting you know where we were in our process, or a phone call if I'd decided to offer the position to someone else.


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