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When I asked my senior manager for approval to go the Chicago conference he said he needs credentials, he would send me to an AMA
seminar over this seminar.

Any ideas what I can show him. I am planning on burning some CD's
for him...but I don't think that will be enough for him.


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Invite your manager to the forums, particularly to the Conference topic where past participants (me, included, DC conference '07) rave about the value of the MT Effective Management conference.

I believe their effectiveness transcends their credentials. Don't get me wrong, their credentials are amazing. I find myself saying, "West Point graduates, executives in corporate America and coach and mentor to successful executives and managers all of the world." That still comes no where near describing how good they are.

The growth in Manager Tools subscriber base is based on the fact that [b]this stuff works[/b] which you surely believe since you want to go to the conference.

I'll PM you as well.

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I beleive there was a podcast a year or so ago entitled "the show about us" or something similar, where both of them go over their work history and credentials. That may be a good place to start.

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You could send a private message to Mark and Mike, asking if they have this. It's quite possible that they could help you directly.


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Thank You all for your suggestions!

I hope to see you in Chicago.


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Tell him 3 things.

1. The AMA has asked us to consider creating content for them. I can validate that, if your boss likes. Consider their podcast's ranking on Itunes versus ours, or our 2 years in a row winning the Business Podcast of the Year.

2. Mike is a West Pointer, former Company Commander in the US Army, and executive at Mobil, Bell Atlantic and MCI.

3. Mark is a West Pointer, Procter & Gamble sales and marketing executive, and has coached over 1000 executives, including CEOs of billion dollar companies. If he needs a reference, I can have someone email him.

And if you want, 4: sheesh.

Good luck!


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I put in my requisition for Chicago today with a memo to my boss. Crossing all digits. :)

The CEO just had an all-hands meeting last week and said (among other things) that as a company we need to work on training. I referenced that in my memo and highlighted the coaching segment of the conference. I hope it works.

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That is great! I've been looking for something similar to this, as I always get the same types of questions.

I also love that you never say what company's you coach. It makes it a harder sell for some of your evangelists, but truly speaks to your professionalism.


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It's been a while since I was on line--- just an update here:

My senior manager was let go a couple of months ago. The interim director listened to my plight, and authorized me to attend the NYC conference. I think I was the first person to register :D .

I'll see you in Newark! I am looking forward to it!

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Congrats Smartypantsgirl!

The money is well worth it. M&M do a great job. The people you meet are just as incredible.