I've been reading and listening for a while and thought it was high time for a quick intro. I'm a first line manager of a non profit and have been fortunate this year to be tabbed for the leadership development program. It's been an eye opener so far and I'm lucky to have spouse and famility support for this extra endeavor. The forums are very good reading and the podcasts make my monthly drive to regional HQ much more pleasant -- albeit sometimes a bit slower when I have to pull over and take notes...

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[quote="mdave"] -- albeit sometimes a bit slower when I have to pull over and take notes...[/quote]

LOL - Invest in the premium content and then you can search the transcripts by keyword. Also, consider a voice recorder to dictate ideas when they come to you.

(A belated) Welcome!

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Welcome MDave.

We're glad you're here, and look forward to giving you more value, and getting some in return here in the forums.


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Welcome to the Forums.

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Welcome to the forums mdave. And thank you for not trying to write while you're driving. :)

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Welcome mdave! I usually listen to the podcasts while driving too. Subscribing to premium content should keep you from having to pull over and make notes as you can download your "notes", as it were later on.

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Welcome mdave. I, like many others, have only listened to Manager Tools while driving (except for their last anniversary show which I listened to while cycling) so I love the premium content.

Again, welcome to the forums!

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Welcome to the forums. I too listen on my way to work. 40 mile drive is great to have the podcast keeping me company. Haven't tried taken notes yet, won't start either...... Usually save that when in my home office.


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BLUF: MT has substantially increased my effectiveness and awareness. The forum discussions are of incredible quality and insight.

I recently accepted a promotion to become a division manager. I'm absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity. Participation in my orgaization's leadership development program allowed me to get some good looks from upper management and to network with some up-and-coming contemporaries --and I made an effort (albeit not a perfect one) to be as prepared as possible to take advantage.

It's a little ironic. My organization is really working to emphasize the distinction between leadership and management. While I was basically cherry picked from the leadership development program, it is my management skills that have improved substantionally over the last two years and made me competitive for my new position. (I'm curious about the "LeaderTools" that I have heard M&M mention.). I can tie much of my managerial improvement and career management to MT and to the MT community's experience and insight -- e.g. managing my time, managing my directs, improving performance, better communication, improved hiring, improved self marketing (e.g the Interview Series, etc, etiquette, dress and the like)... and now how to pack.

Addtionally, I'm getting much better about IDing the good/MT-type managers among my peers. What great insight when I'm building my team!! Maybe some day I'll get to be "State Highway 61".

You guys are great!!!!

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Dave - Kudos to you for taking the M-T stuff and applying it. You're earning your good fortune through your own efforts!


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