Thought I'd share what is currently happening at my work to entertain you all. last year our PMR cycle ended at the end of January so there was plenty of time to have the meetings on who made highly effective (at our company I as a manager can only put forward my directs as brig highly effective, it then gets put to all managers in my department at higher grade then that direct to agree or disagree with my assessment).

At the end of last year HR told us they were extending the PMR year so that we should be done at financial year end (end of May) to make things easier for them. So we set all our goals accordingly for a 15 month year and thought nothing more of it. We were told to get our mid year review forms in approximately half way through the 15 month year as expected.

Around the beginning of October we were told to sign up to mandatory meetings about Competency Framworks which would be included in this years PMR with a complete evidence trail for the past year. A bit late we thought but we still had a few months to collect evidence so not too much bother (and of course I have been keeping records faithfully all year so I wasn't too worried. By the time I went on this training it was nearly December and I was getting ready to start the 10 week cycle to get my own PMR sorted, and I was explaining the MT system to my directs in an attempt to make the job of sorting their PMRs easier by getting their input nice and early too.

All relaxed and everything well in hand for a change, and then HR dropped they figured out that if they did the end of year reviews by May, there would be no time for the meetings before budgets needed to be set and as such they told us half way through December that PMR end of year is end of January.

Guess I'm not as well set as I had planned :(

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But imagine the trouble you'd be in if you didn't have the O3s and everything else already done! Good for you for staying on top of things regardless of what "refinements" HR sends your way. :)

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Yes indeedy. Thank God I had started relistening to the older PMR casts and had been keeping good records from the O3s and sorting my mail and such.

Just glad I'm not any of the other folk in my company ;)

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And who does HR's performance reviews?


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Illegitimi non carborundum.


cwcollin's picture grandfather used to have a sign with that hanging over his
kitchen door. :P

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Just got through with my own end of year review. I was well prepared thanks to all the tips, and thanks to me passing on the helpful hints and documents to my directs I got an "outstanding" for the PMR part of our performance framework :D

I'm sure several other point where affected by MT, just not as clearly visible.