Greetings All,

Have a question. Tomorrow I start interviewing potential admins. This is the first one I've had to hire an admin in probably 7 years. Any suggestions anyone may have, or questions I should ask during the interviews? Also any podcasts I should listen to? I have listened to the three parter on relating to admins. Great stuff for sure.

Thanks for all your help!


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The interviewing series (and the extras on the weakness question, leadership style, etc).

The registered members podcast for June 07 is particularly good for your situation - how to prepare to interview someone.

Last point: make sure your questions elicit details of what the admin DID, how they did it, etc. Theory is insufficient. It's all about what they did.


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Thanks John.

I have the podcast up and listening to it now.


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I recommend the 'Quick and Dirty Interview' cast. While I have a prepared interviewing instrument that I like, the information from that podcast lets me walk into every interview feeling prepared.

On a side note: Have lots of energy. I find that interviewing people is just as taxing on my side of the table as it is on theirs.

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Hi Dave

From my handy dandy set of standard questions;

*Can you tell me about a situation you have been in when you had to communicate with a number of people at varying levels. How did you adapt your style to reflect the different needs?

*Describe a great team you have worked in. What do you think made if effective? What did you like about it? What did you learn from the experience?

*Over the last year what do you consider to be your main achievements? What difficulties did you encounter? How did you overcome these?

*Give me an example of a time when you have managed a number of priorities simultaneously. How did you manage this situation? What was successful/unsuccessful?

*How do you maintain your personal standards when under pressure? How do you deal with pressure?

*Tell me of an occasion when you anticipated change and talk me through how you dealt with it in order to implement the change.

*Tell me about a time when you solved a problem and you had to convince someone to work differently. How did you go about convincing them?

*What's the biggest setback/failure you've had at work? How did you deal with it? How will you prevent it happening again?

*How do you manage your own development? What actions have you taken to enhance your development in the last 12 months?

*How do you establish the skills needed to carry out a role? What will you do to ensure you gain them?

*Who are your current customers? How do you go about establishing their needs and how do you know you have satisfied them?

And then technical questions such as:

*Have you used xyz package and if so how much?
*Do you have xyz skills and if so, how much do you use them currently?

I hope that helps,


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Wendii & Julia,

Thanks so much for the advice. I'm almost done with the one podcast John reccomended yesterday. I'll get the other one in before interviewing today. I love the questions too!

Thanks again. I'll let you all know how things go.


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So, things went really well. The two podcasts were invaluable and the questions you gave me Wendii really helped. I now have a new admin.

Thanks to you all!



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Well done, and thanks for the update!