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Hi all - I am Andy Walters, a team lead for a computer-aided engineering software company near Pittsburgh, PA. I've been doing civil and mechanical engineering software for 17 years, much of the time writing C++ code but also being involved with process and organizational improvement.

I've bounced between the technical and management tracks a few times and finally decided that while I enjoy the coding, I [i]love[/i] the management challenges. In my current position I am managing six directs in five locations. As a result, I really value the podcasts that talk about virtual teams.

Many thanks to Mike & Mark for the fabulous content, to the forum posters for the great discussions, and to my good friend Joe for pointing me to the podcast.

I will be at the Chicago MT conference and am looking forward to meeting roughly 100 of you. :wink:

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Welcome Andy.

Glad to see another from the 'burgh here. I'm jealous about the conference. I couldn't quite swing this one (hopefully I'll be in New York).

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Welcome, Andy! We may need to have a 'burgh meet-up soon.

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Welcome Andy. Since Joe did you the favor of introducing you to MT, you're in Karma debt to introduce someone else. :)

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Welcome aboard!


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Go Primanti Bros., and welcome Andy!


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I will be at the Chicago MT conference and am looking forward to meeting roughly 100 of you. :wink:[/quote]

Indeed, welcome! I held a position not far from Pittsburgh...but now work out of Milwaukee.

See you in Chicago.

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[quote="mahorstman"]Go Primanti Bros., and welcome Andy![/quote]
You're right, Mark - I do need to "Go [to] Primanti Bros." - it's been too long. :)

And thank you to the greeting committee. You know how to make a newbie feel at home!


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Welcome to the forums. I truly enjoy seeing the variety of talent we have on this site.

Haven't been to Pittsburgh yet, only to Philly on business.


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I used to live in Pittsburgh, but that was many years ago. Welcome, and I understand the issues of moving away from doing the (fun) technical stuff, but enjoying the people stuff of management. I haven't written serious code in about 7 or 8 years, and I miss it. But I really get even bigger kicks out of helping someone else to be successful. So it's worth it.